Diary of a modern yogi…the challenge is making change.

Eight days into  the 6-week detox challenge.

I do yoga and conciously relax every day. I walk my dogs and teach up to 14 classes a week. My life is active and by most peoples standards I am pretty healthy but I am already noticing that I am feeling better than I did a week ago.

I feel more shiney and vibrant. The warmer weather helped but yesterday Melbourne plunged back into cold and I remained feeling energised. So I happiliy continue my journey and I don’t feel even slightly deprived. 

My biggest fear was giving up  coffee but surprisingly it dropped away fairly easily.  My new loves are Yerba Mate and Herb Robert. They are good for practically everything, guilt free and taste fine. 

My sleep patterns have been disrupted by getting up to go to the bathroom at odd hours. After a week I finally slept through the night but I seem to be awake for the day by 5am which s fine for writing blogs but makes for a long day.

Constipation has been my off and on Achilles heel over the years. Going to the bathroom once a day has been great, now I seem to be going to the bathroom a number of times a day. Got to be good. 🙂

I am a bit bloated and haven’t really lost weight. I am probably eating too much but I will settle down. 

My skin feels amazing after rubbing organic coconut oil  all over my body…softer, smoother, clearer and I am wearing no make up as I might as well detox on every level. My body seems to like the cold showers (not sure my head does!) skin brushing, and the very green, mostly liquid diet. The skin around my nails, which was ragged, and was not responding to moisturizer but is now looking good. I wonder if the ridges that have appeared in my thumbnails will disappear again.

I found a patch of scaly skin on my head yesterday that I didn’t have a couple of days ago. This is probably being caused by the detox, as my skin is the largest organ of elimination.  I had a warm shower and washed my hair with bicarb of soda, rinsed it with apple cider vinegar and  I moisturized my hair with Moroccan oil. This morning it seems to have almost dissappeared.

I am Hoola hooping in the park while letting the dogs socialise most mornings. All the girls want to try it. No one has done it for decades. I can feel it  tightening the back of my legs, bottom and belly. The perfect preparaion for bikinis and Sri Lanka.

So all up at the end of week one of the pre detox I am one kilo lighter, in pretty good shape and ready to continue.

I think we are all guilty of putting off things that are good for us because of family, friends and work. I was not intentionally hypocritical but life throws curve balls at you and you react. Old ways of being live just below the surface in unconsciousness. Women tend to put themselves last on a long list. If they sink the whole plan falls apart.

This challenge is for me. Nothing will get in the way! It takes 40 days to change. I am actually doing 50 so I am going to hit that change on the head. 
🙂:) Fiona