Diary of a modern yogi….. 14 days of eating clean.

These are interesting times. The fact that I have decided to do a detox challenge has not stopped life throwing in its own challenges.  People getting sick (they are fine now), and other occupational challenges of wedded bliss and motherhood and loads of work.

  Each challenge brings up the temptation to stop this now. A voice in my head says, this is not the best time and then consciousness counters with “this is absolutely the best time.” If I can keep this up now I can do anything.  Sometimes we need a reminder that we can do anything.

 So today it is 14 days since I gave up coffee and processed food. 

My diet has been fresh, very green smoothies and green drinks made palatable with some fruit, salads of kale and quinoa and what ever vegetables are left in my box. The quinoa is cooked. I tried sprouting it and it’s much, much better cooked. So more fruit, lettuces, spinach, green vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil and dukkha for flavour. I am allowed nuts. I confess to eating too many.  Yerba mate and Herb Robert tea, and lots of water.

  When Tottie and Kristen hit the two weeks point we will begin our 4-week detox. I started earlier than they did but plan to do the 28 eight days together.  We can hold hands or virtual hands as we all live our very busy lives.

 Kristen has opened her new store High street Organics literally one block form me so I wander up there looking for something different to eat before our part two begins. I am a little nervous about what Rosemarie has in store.

 I have lost 2 kilo with out ever being hungry.  This is not about losing weight but I probably will keep loosing a bit. It won’t be a problem and I can enjoy putting some of it back on after this is over.

 I am sleeping well now but waking up everyday at 5am. I spring out of bed.  There’s a bird outside who thinks he’s a rooster. I never really noticed before.

I am really tired by 9pm.

My skin, eyes, and hair all feel great.

Cracks I have had in my tongue since having dengue fever years ago seem less.

Still many trips to the bathroom.

I can feel that half and hour of hoola hooping a day is tightening my tail and the tops of thighs. I really like hoola hooping.  

Soldiering on one day at a time.  🙂