Diary of a modern yogi….and how my teaching evolved.

When I was a child I didn’t imagine my life today. I didn’t imagine teaching. My brother said I couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time so teaching movement classes just wasn’t an expectation. In fact from an early age I chose not to do anything that embarrassed me, or that I wasn’t good at. Consequently I had a pretty short list of physical things that I did.

When I began, I was teaching traditional yoga in a fairly traditional way. I was teaching what I had been taught.  This taught me my craft but I still had tight hips and still saw students who I did not have the skills to help. So I continued a personal study of various yoga’s and movement techniques.  I was still searching.

Gradually time and teaching over 14,000 classes and certain shifts seemed to have naturally occurred.  I began to feel I drawn to making things more and more simple and less traditional. It was not that I had a problem with the traditional way but not everyone was a yoga body. I had not been a yoga body myself. I wanted to make the journey easier for the type of student I was and the type of student who came through the door. I also wanted to make it easier for the type of student who didn’t come through the door.  Everyone deserves the benefits that I had discovered.

 Those of you who have been with me for years have experienced the change in my teaching. 

I do not feel like I am teaching the same thing every day. Actually I find it almost impossible to teach the same thing quite the same way again. ( It’s a lot like my cooking.) Each day brings a new perspective and gradually there has been  an obvious shift in what I felt I was actually teaching. It wasn’t simply a physical Hatha Yoga practice.

As I blended all the things that I had found along the way ,what  I was presenting to the students was a far cry from what I had been taught.   

I am now teaching accessible skills for daily life using the mediums of different yoga’s and other intelligent and simple techniques.  Some come straight from inspiration.



             Dealing with stress

             Peace in daily life

             Taking back our power                           

             Trusting our selves

Be aware of what you have been taught so you can take it out the door. Be aware of relaxation. Know what it feels like.  If you want flexibility relax. If you want peace of mind relax. If you want harmony in relationships relax.

 The teaching, seems to have a life of its own and has evolved again into teaching simple awareness.It has become obvious that awareness is the answer to everything. Being aware and observing yourself without judgment and without blame is what creates the change. 

 All my life the right thing has happened at the right time. There is a story being woven. Not everything felt like a blessing at the time, but retrospect is a lady of wisdom. Every challenge led me on and still leads me in the direction of my life’s purpose. Yes I believe in lifes purpose. I can feel it. 

 The next step was to discover much to my surprise that I also am a channel for healing energy. I can use my skills, sensitivity and awareness to help people reach an incredibly deep level of peace and relaxation. It is not just my eyes, my voice, my hands that support change, it is my energy, it is all of me.  It has taken twenty years for me to accept it is a part of what I do. I  love that I can help individuals go even deeper into peace and experience subtle changes that seem to stay with them. 

For me it is just another level of awareness and it is with much joy I embrace all that I am and wait for what more life brings.