Diary of a modern yogi…40 days to change.


  As I chop, chop, chop and dream of the time when I have one of those amazing gismos that chop, grate, blend, juice and play music at the same time. Ok I don’t need the music. The quiet is quite nice.

 I am the only one awake at 6am and I doing the ritual….Warm water with lemon juice, a glass of water with bicarb of soda followed by a very green juice from the stalks of kale and celery pods off peas and an apple. Put the kettle on to make a tea blend of yerba mate and herb Robert. Now I swish as I move around the kitchen making my salad. 

I am starting to enjoy the ritual, the time to myself and the way my skin feels and the whites of my eyes are actually white even first thing in the morning.

It takes sticking to something for almost 6 weeks to create permanent change in your life.   When you hit the 40 day point it really is easier to continue and is no longer so much of an effort to make the better choices.  As I write this I am at day 34 myself and have found it fairly easy after the first ten days.

The best thing about this journey has been the support. Choosing to do this journey with Kristen and Tottie has meant that I have someone to whinge to and someone that understands exactly what I am going through.

The most challenging thing that has occurred was not the challenge at all. It was getting my vaccinations for Sri Lanka.  Shots in both arms and when I woke up the next day I felt like I had been beaten up. It was challenging to lift my arms above my head, which is interesting for a yoga teacher.  My healthy glow was gone and I felt really toxic. I continued on raw food and took a homeopathic called Nux Vomex and I am back to feeling fabulous two days later.


I am so excited about the challenge that I have been on that I will be running a program called 40 days to change for some of you. I am not expecting you to do the strict raw food challenge that I am doing. I want people to really find peace in daily life. The start date will Jan 20. I will cheer you on.

 Your commitment 3 days of yoga a week and a commitment to what ever you want to change!

That could be losing weight.

Getting fitter.

Doing a physical activity every day.

Giving up coffee or sugar or preservatives or processed foods.

Giving up negative thinking

Practicing an alkaline diet.

Practicing a raw diet.

Choosing to find peace in life every day.


 What you commit to is up to you.

Check out the workshop page for more information.  

 With love Fiona