The Diary of a modern yogi…. raw food program.

  In the silliness of the holiday season I continue on my organic raw program. It has been 40 days today but as I started earlier than Tottie and Kristen I will finish with them on the 8th of December, which will be 45 days in total. 

 Before the raw food detox challenge coffee was my biggest vice, indulging in 2 cups a day which in reality was 4 shots.  I rarely drank in recent times and not a lot when I did. Mostly vegetarian with the addition of Sushi , so small amounts of fish no dairy other than goats cheese and I ate wheat rarely.  I was already the salad queen, so the question is how much difference did this practice make.

The answer is….I am amazed at how much better I feel.

My skin has absolutely changed. My hands that were a bit ragged around the nails and showing my age more than anywhere else look fresher, healthier and younger. The skin on my body feel silkier to the touch than I ever remember feeling. People tell me that they can see the difference. I can see the difference.

 The whites of my eyes are white like a child and like I was even until my early thirties. I have not woken up with clear eyes in recent times. 

 I have been washing my hair in bicarb of soda and rinsing in vinegar  and it feels really great. I don’t yet know if I am imagining it but as my high lights grow out there seems to be less grey hairs than I expected. The last colour I had was 95% natural and I need to find a new amazing hairdresser as my wonderful hairdresser has left the state to have a beautiful baby.

My digestion has always been my weak point since having Dengue Fever and dysentry years ago. Well now my body seems to love the way I am eating. The bloating that I intitially experienced has settled and I feel great.

The timing of the challenge has coincided with quite a few personal challenges and sometimes it felt like I was burdening myself more, but other than some sensitivity and being a little more emotional than usual  I have developed a new deeper  level of calm.

I feel amazing. 

Five more day,s and I be quite honest I don’t really feel like totally stopping. Especially this time of year when the sun is shining and the fruit and vegetables are abundant and taste so good. I think I am hooked!

On the 12th I am heading to Sri Lanka so i guess the healthy life style will continue pretty easily until the new year when I am leading a group in their own 40 day challenge.

Happy holidays everyone.