Diary of a modern Yogi…recovering from stress.


I hope you are having a peaceful moment. If not, I hope you are remembering that you can take your awareness to HOW you are actually feeling in your body in this moment.  Awareness is the doorway to change.  

 My intention was  to write a blog and practice yoga on my holiday  in Sri lanka but life had other plans.
 Reality was that the internet was at best dodgy and sometimes nonexistant. It rained and rained in the first week and our schedule was so filled with activities and travel that  there was no real relaxing time and very little yoga.
Then my kids got one of those not very atrractive belly sicknesses and later it was my turn. Richard sailed through untouched.
After all that I didn’t feel like writing or doing yoga. My body needed time to recover and be gentle. We relaxed on the beach for a week and I still did no yoga and my  body was getting increasinglty uncomfortable.
We travelled home Air Asia and spent more than 12 hours in seats for very little people. We arrived  home and moved house immediately.

 I found myself  getting really stressed. To be quite honest I hadn’t been quite so stressed in years. You could say there was reason to be stressed., but isn’t there always something? 
So my holiday from yoga became an  a opportunity  to experience how awful it feels to hold onto tension from day to day?  I got to feel mildly anxious and totally uncomfortable. . It was almost a month before I was able to resume my teaching  and personal practice.

I  now have a renewed perspective on stress.  I am more clear  and confident on the real benefits of these simple techniques for getting and staying comfortable in your real daily life.  How quickly the body responds. How great it feels to release , relax and let go. 

Of course now  I am now attracting more students who’s main reason for choosing to attend my classes is stress and  I feel that I really can offer  help.   All my peace workshops are geared to help with the symptoms of stress.  

Stretch and be happy!   with love Fiona   x