Diary of a modern yogi…positive thinking.


When I was seven I watched a movie called Pollyanna and I distinctly remember making the decision to always find something to be glad about.  This is what I did everywhere I went. I focused on looking for the pinch of goodness sometimes hidden in every situation.  I watched Disney land and starting wishing on first stars and wishes came true. Magic and wishes were very real to to that little girl.

I remember feeling I had the ability to be unbeatable when playing pinball if I simply believed in myself. There were these moments when I was in a flow that was very palatable.  I also experienced that the moment I wished anyone else any negative energy, it came back at me immediately.

The power of positive thinking was real and alive in my life. It was simply obvious when I was a child. As an adult I am still working on it.

Let us move into the arena of being where we are not doing anything to hurt someone else. Just for the sake of the thought…. Let us imagine an ordinary life and ordinary issues.  Let’s just think about our own health, happiness and peace in daily life and save the worlds atrocities for wiser souls then me.

 Most of us live our lives by accident. We have a good day when things unfold perfectly and a bad day when things do not happen the way we expected.

We like to think that the world is harsh and that we have few choices in our lives. Believing that we have no choice is exactly what makes it true.

 We not want to believe that we have a huge amount of power in our lives.  If we accepted that we actually had so much power we would also have to accept full responsibility and in our culture, responsibility means blame.  Blame is heavy and demoralizing and of no use.

 What if you had full responsibility and no blame? What if the only reason for the experience was to learn lessons and lighten up on your self?

When things are challenging we can complain or look for the lesson.

When things change we can accept change as a natural part of the cycle of life.

We can choose happiness over and over again until we have created a habit that gives joy and is infectious.

 There is much that I do not understand. I can accept that. I can accept that my positive thinking makes a difference in a very small world. I cannot change anyone but myself.

I know that there is a vast world out there and many people are living with difficulties and challenges that I cannot imagine.  I do not in any way believe that any one deserves poverty, war, illness or loss. 

I can wonder about other people’s choices and lessons. and not assign judgment and blame.

This world could do with a little ‘Pollyanna’.  We need heroes who are positive, optimistic and learning lessons.  We need to be our own hero’s.