Diary of a modern Yogi…. an introduction.


The dairy of an modern Yogi.

My themes are to teach, to inspire, to make me smile…..

On this 12th day of my 10th month and my 52nd year.

It is not to challenging to know those figures when you are born on the first of January  1960.

Even if I could forget exactly how old I am I have my 80 year old father Brian, always advertising my age at coffee to shops to newly befriended strangers. “This is my oldest daughter, Fiona, She’s 52. “

He says, it’s because I look so good for my age but we all know it’s because he looks fantastic.. People are surprised he has a daughter that old. Then he can go to his pocket and produce his business card which shows eight children. This always gets the desired affect. “wow, so amazing and hardly a stretch mark on you!” But that’s another story..

This month I am taking two new and challenging actions.. I will be spending the next 6 months working through the book Women and Money  by Suze Ormond.

I am choosing to become empowered in my relationship to money. It’s never too late and frankly it is time.

So the work begins with reading this book and forming a group to discuss and share the journey one chapter at a time. First two chapters down and I am now feeling less alone.

I have known that I was undervaluing myself  and aware that I  attract into my life what i believe I deserve.  I can even clearly  see why these themes exist in my life. What I didn’t realize was that 90% of women had the same issues. And until now I didn’t have a clear course of action.  Thank you Suze for the inspiration.

On the 24th of October I begin an alkaline raw food detox program. Why you ask?  Why I ask, as I contemplate giving up coffee,  which I frankly love and unashamedly rely on?  I have at least cut back to one cup and only one shot in preparation for the challenge.

So the answer to why is because it is Spring. Because I am beginning to feel tired more often, put on a bit of weight and I know I can feel better that this, and because by most people standards I am pretty good for my age but the average really isn’t good enough.

I feel inspired to kick start my health. I am ready to feel a new level of aliveness and to do it with the support.

I do this journey with three amazing women. My beautiful sister Tot who’s recently  turned 50, (I am aloud to say that cause Tottie feels great about herself and her age.) and  the inspiring Kristin Morrison  who is 46, author, mother incredibly busy and inspiring woman and being joined and mentored my Rosemarie Warmsley ,natrapath  and raw foodie who is 58 and looks absolutely amazing.

We will live our very busy lives and go through this experience at the same time.   It will be 6 weeks. The first two weeks will be a preparation for the 4 week detox. It probably won’t be easy as we will all be living our normal lives with out coffee. I do love my coffee.

Wish me luck! 

with love Fiona