Change by Fiona Edelstein


by Fiona Edelstein

You are pure light.
You are perfection getting to know it’s self.
You are all that you need to be.
Property, style, wealth and the beauty of youth,
do not make you more or less.
They fleeting and changeable and not to be relied upon.
Change is the only constant.
The wealth that is you sits gently
in the quiet of your heart.
You will never know exactly where you are going to end up.
If you are following your passion you are probably on course.
There is no point in holding on too tight to a certain future.
There is no such certainty.
All you can do is stay present as the scenery changes
and step bravely.
Life will challenge you
and tears are as telling as perceived success. 
We work on our flexibility in preparation for change
as much as comfort.
We practice inner quiet and equanimity 
to maintain an impossible status quo.
You thought you knew where you going
and they changed the map again…..
so watch out for the signs of the alternate path 
and  remain aware and prepared to grab firmly
to the next available ride
and step bravely.