Diary of a modern yogi… the raw challenge.

 As the first official day of the 6 week detox challenge dawns on Monday it is time to introduce us to anyone interested in following our journey. Whether it ends up being transformative, uncomfortable or funny or a mixture of the three…we are committed. Husbands, friends and children think we should be.

 Kristen Morrison is the youngest of us at 44. She is an author, mother of three with a couple of businesses including an on line organic food delivery business and a new shop Melbourne Street Organics in High street Malvern.  Why is she doing it? I admit to talking her into it  … but she also wanted to have the experience. Well most of the experience. She is not looking forward to cold showers. She already eats a healthy, organic diet but does eat meat.

 Tottie Goldsmith 50 year old sister,( mine)  actress, singer , celebrant, mother,  black cat owner, celebrity hostess is doing is the challenge because she said “me too!” Now that she has spent the past month in New York enjoying a little vodka and she is slightly jet lagged. The day has arrived and she’s wondering what she is letting herself in for.  Her issues are not drinking her beloved coffee except as enemas. Tot is a vegetarian, who enjoys a drink occasionally and loves her coffee.

 Fiona Edelstein  (that’s me). I am 52 , 53 in January, mother of two teenagers and two French Bulldogs, yoga , meditation teacher. Reconnective Healer who teaches 12 classes in the average week  and  does a number of privates and workshops. I am mostly vegetarian ,but enjoy my sushi for lunch and have loved my  coffee and chocolate.

 So three extremely busy and above average healthy women choose to do a very challenging diet. Why? Well, it’s not to loose weight. We just want to grow older as gracefully as we can and we all believe the average is really not good enough.  We are set to explore the effects on our standard of health and the aging process.

We will decide how much of this new way of living we will take into the rest of our lives.

We will tell the truth but the truth will only be one person’s version.  We are doing it together so we feel supported over the six week journey.

 Rosemarie Warmsley is a 58 year old healthy attractive woman who is a naturopath, raw food advocate, coach and our mentor. Her business RawSatya runs raw food workshops. She walks her talk and we like her.

 I actually started three days ago. This was our original start date but life got in the way and the others needed to start later. I couldn’t wait any longer because I was eating everything in sight  on the premise that I won’t be able to have that for the next six weeks.

 I made my first juice with a juicer that hasn’t been used in 8 years. Stuffed the Kale and celery in as I turned it on and with a scream turned the kitchen walls green. After cleaning the kitchen and starting again my green drink was ok. Celery, Kale an apple and whatever was in the box Kristen delivered.  Delivery’s make this a lot easier.

At our  appointment with Rosemarie yesterday and Tot and I  learnt how to make a green smoothy  as I don’t have the super expensive Vitamix  blender. We will have to put our kale in salads.

 So for the next two weeks it’s cold showers, nude sun baking lots of organic greens  and hula hooping as we live our normal lives.

 It takes 40 days to change!

Bring on the Sun Melbourne.

Wish me luck! .

with love Fiona