Easy Dynamic with Fiona

Easy Dynamic with Fiona

with Fiona Edelstein


Revitalize with The 5 Tibetans….Sun saluations and Deep Relaxation….Spring into Summer with better posture, balance and awareness in every part of your life. Beginners welcome. 

There are no head stands, handstands or complicated postures in this class.

We keep it simple in this Yoga/ Chi Gung class practicing sun salutations, standing poses and building the dimensions of core strength and stamina.

You will learn how to take your yoga out the door in this energetic, stretchy fun class.  

A 45 minute flowing workout with 15 minutes of learning to relax deeply.

Class Pricing  

$25 ($15 Yoga for the Masses Malvern location only) only      
$230 Series Of 10 Classes ($120 Yoga for the Masses– Malvern location only) (to be used within 12 weeks)

Concession rate available.

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Class Teacher

Fiona Edelstein


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