Fiona Goldsmith

Flexxd THERAPEUTIC offers a slower pace and deeper stretching, perfect for those looking to regain strength, flexibility, and improve mobility. Flexxd THERAPEUTIC  begins  in chairs for clients who struggle with mobility If getting down and up from the floor is not possible , we modify.

Flexxd THERAPEUTIC is for uncomfortable, injured, stressed and stiff people whose intention is to get comfortable. It is an opportunity for transformation.

Point of difference: slower … less resistance… 5-10 reps.
It will stick with the easier stretches to impact the 16 muscle groups.
Meditative, with emphasis on relaxation and developing body awareness.
Releasing exercises included.
Use of bolsters and straps.
Will be keeping it simple to create a relaxing and invigorating experience.
Please be sure that you have your doctors permission to participate!

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