One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching

Fiona Goldsmith

Coaching with Fiona is only available to a select few clients. Those clients need to be committed to making change in their lives.

These sessions will be personally tailored to you and make you aware of what you have been doing that is making you uncomfortable and stressed. I will provide you with simple tools to change, and give you the time and support to put your new skills into practice.

I have over 25 years of experience. I have taught more than 40,000 hours of classes and workshops. Using various Yoga’s, Chi Gung, mindful meditation, and a keen intuition I am able to support you in balancing your body, mind and spirit.

Orthodontists, dentists, Psychologists and physiotherapists regularly send me clients with pleasing results.

These sessions can be used for stress management, improvement of breathing, better sleeping, and improved posture, improvement of long term chronic pain or as an introduction to my unique yoga style.

I have taught many students to deal better with mild anxiety.

These are life changing and empowering skills and they are simple to learn. When the real cause of your neck and shoulder pain…. or your grinding your teeth is postural or stress related… you can learn to make changes that will last.

How long you hold on to stress is up to you the moment you actually realize that you have a choice.

“Awareness is not like the spring flowers that burst through the soil and flower for a bit before disappearing. Awareness is like a huge ancient tree. It grows slowly at it’s own pace, but there is no going backwards once you are aware
My classes are fun because joy is healing.”


1 x 1 hour session $120 Suitable for clients with injuries, sleep and anxiety problems. This session will identify and may even solve your issues. It is only by creating new habits that most problems will disappear forever. I do recommend on going practice to create the real change that you are looking for.

“Fiona has only recently come into my life. She is a truly gifted teacher who is passionate about yoga and committed to her students’ wellbeing. She is caring empathetic helpful intuitive and a very good listener.
She utilises various yoga disciplines and also incorporates her knowledge of Pilates and then tailors them according to the student’s ability.
I have two private lessons with her a week and both she and the classes are addictive.
My husband often joins in and he really looks forward to the Saturday class!!”

~Debra Stiebel, Caulfield



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