Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

If every eight year old in the world is taught meditation we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.   The Dalai Lama

 Teach them while they are young!

This class is available as one one one coaching or in small groups by request.


Personal attention

Better posture

Improved breathing

More focus  at school

Less exam stress

Relaxed , safe social environment

Fun Healthy guilt free treat ( especially if you give them some money for yogurt afterwards! 🙂

There are young people who want to  learn how to be more flexible, improve their posture, deal with anxiety and develop better focus. The class is interactive, relaxing and fun. T
These young people are amazing to teach. Having so much less baggage than their parents they get the principles  quickly and easily. By teaching them skills to look after themselves and deal with stress at this age, we are actually changing their lives. ‘ teacher Fiona Edelstein 

These classes tend to be on school holidays but can be arranged at any time for 6 children or more by calling Fiona direct on 0425 770464.

 Teenage yoga classes with Fiona have allowed me to de-stress and to achieve my goals of improving my posture as well as flexibility. At the beginning of each class, Fiona will always ask whether any members of the class have any injuries or areas that we would like to focus on. This allows the class to feel as if we are being watched over and that we have an input. My friends and I are always excited for our weekly yoga sessions and I am looking forward to continuing in the future.   Abby


The age group is 12-16 and they seriously love the relaxation.
I have no problem with children or teens coming to regular classes.:) Fiona  

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