Yoga For the Masses.

Yoga For the Masses.



I always felt that yoga was for everyone. I wanted to make yoga accessible for the mature, the less coordinated, the non super models, and the misfits out there, who want to get the benefits of yoga, without to standing on your head, bending like a pretzel or being seen in a leotard. So many people feel yoga is not for them, if they are not 20 and not their ideal weight and not already flexible.

My classes are not aimed at athletes and perfect bodies.

After years of teaching boutique classes, I have decided to lower the prices of my classes by reducing my costs and taking a larger space… my yoga can be accessible to anyone. I desire as many people as possible to feel amazing and reap the benefits. I have called it Yoga for the Masses.

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I’m 55, a mother, I wasn’t very coordinated or athletic when I started. One of my brothers used to say I “could not walk and chew gum at the same time..’ I had very tight hips and I still won’t do the splits in this life time…and I really don’t care. 🙂

I fell in love with yoga when I was living in LA and now for the last 25 years I have been teaching, what I discovered worked for me… my own, gentle simple style that combines Chi Gung, Pilates and other intelligent forms of movement. I make it accessible and easy for the every day person.

I am great with injuries and helping people regain their flexibility and their confidence. We seem to neglect our flexibility, thinking that as we age, it is natural to get aches and pains…. that it is normal that we tighten up and that everything naturally gets a little harder. This does not have to be true. It is a choice.

At any age, any fitness level or weight you can start my yoga and feel better……do a little more and soon you will be feeling great.

Join my classes at YOGA FOT THE MASSES in Malvern for increasing strength and flexibility and to find an outlet to relieve your every day stress’s, worries and quieten that busy mind.

It’s not too serious and you won’t feel embarrassed. Hey you might even have fun. 🙂

xx Fiona Edelstein

You will be able to buy ONE single class to try me out then a series will be required on going. A series is $!50 for 10 and $100 concession. Speak to me!

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