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Part One An interview with Fiona Goldsmith

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Part Three An interview with Fiona Goldsmith

Fiona Goldsmith is an author,radio show host, speaker, healer and one of the most creative, qualified and dedicated Yoga teachers in Melbourne today.

“ Yoga has been part of my life for over 27 years.
I was not a yoga body when I began and I promised myself I will always carry a strong memory of what it was like to be tight and uncomfortable.

With over 40,000 hours leading classes, workshops and private sessions, Fiona completed teacher training at the world renowned YOGA WORKS in Santa Monica California. She was featured teaching her own synergy of yoga and chi gung on HSV7′s Go For Your Life! She teaches corporate workshops, one on one, teenagers and kids in schools.
She has long felt everyone deserves the benefits of yoga to the way to make it more accessible was to make it simple. .

She uses movement, breathing and focus of mind to help people get comfortable and balanced in their bodies. Her gift is making things simple. Her voice takes you on a journey. She uses practical tools that gently spill over into your life and creates an awareness of your body, that will stay with you.

” My teaching has gone in its own direction due to my focus on beginners and using yoga as tool to deal with stress and have an amazing life.
Along the way some excellent teachers have taught and influenced me. I would like to thank Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Eddie Modestini, Erich Schiffman, Steve Ross, Rocki Graham, Leslie Bogart, Daniel Weber, Dolf Roder, Takao, Shiva Rae, Jasmine Leib, Gary Kraftsow, Eric Pearl, and Stephanie Phillips.
My most recent inspiration has come from Bob Cooley and his genius of flexibility team. This missing link has taken my work to a whole new level and inspired me to create Flexxd…as I merge yoga with resistance flexibility. I am also grateful to every gorgeous student who gave me the opportunity to practice and learn.”

I believe that no one is more of an expert on you than you.
I am frustrated that too many practitioners of both western and alternative medicine are creating customers by not educating their clients. They have become businesses and forgotten to be healers.
I am passionate to empower people to trust themselves and take back their power over their own bodies and minds.

Call me to discuss your journey. 0425 770 464 🙂 Fiona