Fiona at The toorak Health Club

Fiona is running a series of classes at the Toorak Health club in Toorak Village.

Secret Women’s business is a yoga chi hung class to balance hormones, file great, sleep better and turn hot flushes into power surges. Invigorating, relaxing and fun.

Mobility is an easy accessible yoga/ Chi Gung class to improve your breathing, balance, build strength and improve flexibility.

Seniors Mobility is a yoga? chi gung class but catering to the needs of our senior citizens…including the whole class on a chair if necessary.

Quiet Mind is for people who are feeling the effects of chronic stress and need to learn how to relax. The class includes simple physical techniques for getting comfortable in your body, breathing and mindfulness exercises.

These classes are available on one one , two on one in mini groups at a time that suits you as alternative to the classes listed. Charges apply to the classes and services provided. Call 9825 2699 to book.