Testimonials for Fiona.


 Fiona Goldsmith, is now offering a new modality called “Flexxd” which combines her 25 yrs of teaching yoga with qi going and resistance stretching. It looks wonderful and I wish she was in qld so I could try it! Fiona is a beautiful person with a magnetic and powerful energy, and really cares re your overall health and well being and looks at your issues in a holistic way!:) If you’re in melbourne and have any injuries, body pain, or just want more relaxation, strength and flexibility I definitely recommend her! 💓🙏Linda Blatt 28/09/2019

Fiona is a brilliant, caring and passionate body educator. After several physio appointments, I entered my first Flexxd session with spasm and pain, and came home with none. Highly recommended. Eva Migdal  Physio therapist.  22/08/2019

11 months working with Fiona and Flexxd and I feel like a totally new person inside and out. The sense of calm I have achieved for the first time in my life during a challenging point in time is amazing.  I attribute this to the flexxd Resistance Yoga and Fiona.  A new advantage to these classes will be especially interesting for insomniacs.  I am sleeping like a baby. Relaxed, happy and grateful!   Pnina Horn 21/08/2019

Fiona is just amazing!No one out there has her unique skill set with an ability to work out just which method may help ease off pain in just one or two of her sessions. She has done this for me personally, so I know her method works! Susie Kliman. 13/08/19

I have tested gyms, exercise gallores and did  not last but Fiona addresses more than just yoga or exercising. Resistance Yoga is an incredible way to get dormant mussels to rejuvenate and enable to utilise your body. Thank you Fiona for your dedication to help others who where told to learn to live with their injuries.  Marta Nagy 29/7/2019

I LOVE Fiona’s Flexxd Resistance Yoga  Method of Health and Fitness…she is the best Instructor in Town…!! Henry Greener 29/7/2019

Luv Flexxd Resistance Yoga & of course Fiona!!! she is so up to date with her knowledge & teachings…The Classes are low impact and yet you feel that you have done a really good work out.. The resistance stretching has made me feel much stronger and far more aware of how my body feels.. If you haven’t tried ‘Flexxd’ please do so; you will walk out feeling exhilarated…😄🤩Celina Peleg. 25/07/2019


Montague School, South Melbourne primarily supports teenage students who have disengaged from learning for extended periods. Most have experienced trauma and consequently, live with higher than usual levels of anxiety. Fiona instructed a series of six Flexxed Yogasessions over as many weeks at Montague School and immediately developed a rapport with them all. To be able to connect readily with our students is something that rarely happens, however Fiona’s quiet, supportive approach gave them the confidence to engage and relax into the process. She demonstrated each of the postures / moves and quietly explaining how and why the moves were of benefit, offering reassurance to “give it a go”. It was clear that Flexxdwas a hit as feedback after the first session was “when is the next session, we loved it?” When asked a few weeks later their thoughts on Flexxed Yoga,these were some of the student’s comments:

“I just really enjoyed chilling”                   “Very relaxing and helps with my sport the next day”           “Great stretching and I do things I wouldn’t do at home”                “Takes time your mind off things”      “Helps me forget things”

I cannot recommend Fiona’s skill, knowledge and delivery of Flexxed Yoga, highly enough – and not only for the students, as all the teachers joined in too and loved every minute of it. We are now digging through our school budget so we can continue to offer Flexxed Yoga to our school community.Thank you so much Fiona.

Mandy Muschamp December 2018


I feel so relaxed and calm for the week – between sessions. Thank you Fiona Ruth krawat  25/06/19

I only wish everyone could know about your classes and experience flexxd. You have changed my life Fiona with incredible results with my Adhesive Capulitis and I know my body will age with strength and agility without a strenuous class. I still get the spring in my step and I know it’s a full body workout without the pain and left feeling so relaxed and invigorated. Thankyou so much! Ilana black 10/6/2019

Although I did gym, Pilates and personal training for 30 years & loved it , it got to a point where I was injuring myself and doing more harm than good . Flexxd allows me to exercise without fear of injury anymore yet be flexible and strong and hence feel well… vitally important for my age group.Haven’t been to a physiotherapist since starting Flexxd almost 18 months ago.           Michele Lasky July 2019

Fiona has a deep understanding of the human body. All her exercises are beneficial towards a greater flexibility. She is very attuned to her students and always finds an exercise to relieve an  ailment.. Her new space in Glenhuntly rd is wonderful. I highly recommend her classes.             Solange Rapaport 6/6/2019

For those who don’t know about Flexxx it is a low impact class that combines yoga and resistance stretching. You get out of it what you put in, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get after 3-4 sessions. Sleep better, feel taller, etc and have a mood shift that just happens that one day realise “far out, I’m feeling strong!” I can’t rave highly enough how Fiona Goldsmith  helped me though some dark times last year, as the Flexx classes help mind just as much as body. Fiona helped fix a knee issues that my then doctor wanted me to have steroid injections for the rest of my life. And I have never had back issues since doing her classes.        Mark Wherman 26/05/2019

I’ve been going to this class for many years. Fiona keeps very contemporary and up to date and this class is no exception. Excellent stretches and I am able to participate at my own level! Love the meditation at the end too!! Maurice Wulfsohn 1/6/19

Fiona’s gentle approach put life back into the old bones of an 84 year old. Her ability to impart the knowledge she has gathered over time was a revelation.           Alan Hopgood AM. 27/05/19

“Fiona is a wonderful yoga, meditation teacher and more. She is constantly researching the best way to support her clients and tailors her teaching to the needs of the individual as well as the group. Fiona is a warm energetic and caring teacher who lives what teaches.” Melinda Spry

“A unique approach to a well known type of practice (yoga) which is simultaneously strengthening and relaxing. Flexxd challenges you from a resistance perspective and rewards you with a sense of relief and nourishment. I highly recommend giving it a try – it’s comparable to but unlike yoga, pilates or other form of exercise you may have tried in the past. It’s actually quite difficult to put into words – definitely worth having a go, especially with Fiona’s kind, wise and insightful guidance! Amanda  Lee 7/03/2019

I’m one lucky person who has experienced Fiona’s work over the past year and I’m a BIG advocate of her work. I no longer dread waking up and rolling out of bed with a sore back, I’m more limber than I was in my 20’s, I have a far greater awareness of my body (and self) & I’ve shed some Kgs to boot! Bless ur cotton socks, Fi! X Rohan Levy 10/03/2019

Flexxd is next level resistance stretching working on the fascia building strength and flexibility. I love these classes so much feeling rejuvenated and relaxed after and also feeling every muscle group used. Ilana black 8/03/2019

“I stopped going to gym because I was having too many injuries and my back was feeling compromised. Doing flexxd  I have managed  my back pain as well as strengthened my body. I feel energized as well as relaxed. I have told many people about the benefits that I have received. “ Manya Van Aken 9/03/2019

Flexxd keeps me feeling strong, balanced and energised. I seem to be dealing with stress better. Highly recommend these classes with Fiona. Anna Dunphy 5/2/2019

Hi. I started flexxd classes with Fiona last July. After the first 2 weeks, I increased from coming 1 session per week to 2 and I’ve kept that up. After having had breast cancer a few years ago, I felt less confident in what my body could do. Because Fiona asks how we’re feeling at the beginning of each session, if we have any points of pain etc., it means you can achieve progress in each and every session, starting from where you are that day. Because flexxd yoga involves resistance movements, I achieved obvious muscle tone in both of my upper arms, as well as a much more toned overall silhouette. I always feel enjoyment in being part of the group and feel strong and purposeful. My partner says that the classes make me happier and have given me a lot more energy. That’s all without mentioning the relaxation part at the end of the sessions which can sometimes even be transportive!! Hope to see you there soon ! X Susie Kliman 5/2/2019

Fiona’s flexxd techniques are quite amazing.  My strength and flexibility have improved very quickly due to the ‘resistance’ aspect of the exercises.  The classes are always fun as well! Thanks, Fiona, you are a gifted teacher and you have brought healing to my life.💖🙏Lisa Hughes  19/02/2019

After several classes of flexed my life has changed dramatically. My Adhesive Capulitis (Frozen Shoulder) in both shoulders are significantly better and muscles stronger and my energy levels are also significantly higher and in much less pain. I am now far more able to do basic things in my life I couldn’t do before and my children and I are thrilled. I cannot thank Fiona enough and I look forward to every class as ‘me time’ feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after without feeling like I’ve done a full body workout even though I certainly have without the no pain no gain that I’ve always experienced with any other workout and with far quicker results. Flexed is a game changer for all ages that want to keep fit and strong without being strenuous. I adore these classes! Ilana Black 19/02/2019

After three months in hospitals with 26 broken bones I have tried many exercises to help me get back in shape. After a few sessions with Fiona Goldsmith I feel so much better. More flexible and much less chronic pain. Highly recommended. Not easy but if it was it wouldn’t do the job it does. Thanks, Grant Mackintosh 19/08/2018

Oh my gosh, I just did a Flexed class by Fiona Goldsmith. Wow, I’ve never felt more muscle groups used tenderly and stretched more. I am so relaxed it’s incredible! You have to do it to understand. It’s like Yoga on steroids but not difficult. WOWZERS! 😁❤️Ilana Black 21/12/2018

Hi Fiona, I now completely understand why you are so excited about the benefits of Flexxed and how this simple therapy is healing people on so many levels. After the first few classes I felt an instant relief in my tight muscles and felt like my body wasn’t holding onto so much stress. Now 6 months down the track of regular classes I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in time! You’ve helped me so much, feeling energised, rejuvenated, strong and myself again!!! Can’t thank you enough, I’ve been raving about you to my friends! Can’t wait for our next session! 💖💖  Daniella Hogarth 27/11/2018

I love this class. My body just feels stronger and I feel much for present and calm. Thank you so much Fiona. 💖Kate Galvin

Absolutely love Fiona’s Flexxd/Resistance/Yoga classes; it’s a wonderful combination of a workout & relaxation ‘with a difference’…I’m continuously learning something new that I take away from the class.. Really worthwhile trying; you’ll only want to continue!!    Celina Peleg👌☺️🙏xx 17/11/2018

If you can make one change for your overall health and wellbeing now and for your future you go to Fiona’s classes or 1 on 1 private sessions. Ilana Black 25/10/2018

For anyone looking to try something different you should check out Flexxd. Fiona introduced me to Flexxd this year and I can’t tell you how amazing I feel after a sesh. Nas Candyce 25/10/2018

It is hard to explain just what a difference this has made to my life and my whole wellbeing. The changes I have experienced are so profoundly positive, from strength and flexibility to clarity and better sleep. The sessions anchor my week and I couldn’t do without it now. Life is just better with Flexxd! Marian Stanley 26/10/2018

I highly recommend Fiona Goldsmith I have worked with her in the past she is extremely intuitive and definitely someone that can help you with pain management and relaxation xoxox liane B  26/10/2018

I love Flexxd Classes with Fiona. I feel my strength and stability coming back after a long term injury. This class really needs to be experienced to understand its full value. I feel safe and comfortable and love that I am in charge of how strong each class is for me. Its awesome. Def try it for yourself. Michelle Mullins  18/9/2018

I felt like I was more aware of my posture. I also had a fat cry at work yesterday which is not like me at all; so am thinking that there was definitely a release! very cool     Cathryn Hooker 11/9/2018

I had my first session of Flexxd today and I loved it and my body felt worked and stretched and different. I can see this has such a wide range of how it can help a lot of different people with different issues. Thank you Darling Fiona!! Tamara Paterson 7/9/2018

It is amazing. Truely my body is changing and I feel so much stronger and more balanced 🙏Kate Galvin 7/9/2018

Had my first session last night.  Haven’t slept that well in years.  Can’t wait for next week.  Thanks Fiona xx Pnina Horn 24/08/2018

In my second week of classes and I am already feeling so much better, with increased flexibility, increased physical confidence and strength and much less pain. These classes are fun and educational and I leave calm and happier for having been. I highly recommend Fiona and her Flexxd resistance yoga, I feel so much better for it. Virginia dahlenberg. 20/8/2018

This is such wonderful work Fiona Goldsmith has found her own special gift and is such a delight to receive these classes from … our bodies are the vehicles in which we experience this precious human life and I am finding the balancing and movement of Flexxd is so complimentary to my own work of healing that I recommend it to everyone ❤️🙏Pavitar Turner.  19/08/218

The main thing I noticed after my first class was how calm and relaxed I felt at the end of the session. Like my mind was very clear!  I’m guessing this has a lot to do with the fact that we are working on the meridians when we are strengthening and stretching. I love it that I can feel like I am getting a work out but at the same time I’m also getting a good stretch.

I find that Fiona is very knowledgeable and imparts a lot  knowledge to us during the classes. She’s also a bit of a comedian which makes it fun and light. 😁😁Carolina Selvarajoo  12/8/2018

Fiona has so many strings to her multi disciplinary bow..she tied them all together for us within this unique personal class, flexxd combines strength, stretch, resistance and mindfulness.   Highly recommend you try. Thank you 😉 Mel Brady 30/7/2018

I just loved doing this class. It has been a long time since I have practiced yoga… this was so so good. It felt like I was honouring my body… I could feel energy running through my body…. after one particular stretch I could see better… everything became clearer.  This is a beautiful practice… something I am going to keep doing for myself. I can’t wait to do my next class. Thank you Fiona � Kathryn. 18/7/2018

Hi Fiona! So, yesterday I felt achy, cold and I got asthma, but today my shoulders feel nice and loose, I feel happy and I think my neck looks younger! So yay!  See you Monday Xx Susie

Just  tried this and  I’m a huge fan. I felt great straight after n flowing smoothly now the next day. Give it a try! Thanks Fiona Goldsmith ! 😊👍🏼🙏🏻Dorian 11/07/2018

Such an amazing class. For me, connecting my physical body with my energy body is really important. I could feel the energy in my body flowing and I wanted to giggle during class. I also had a moment where my eye site changed. I know this may sound strange, but I suddenly had incredibly clear vision after one of the practices we did.  This class is different. I have done yoga before…. this felt like my body was working on a different level. It is a little hard to explain … but I felt grounded and strong. My breath seemed to flow all the way through my body, I felt more aware and joyous. Honestly…. it was just an amazing experience I can’t stop thinking about my next class. I want to be strong in my body, to stay fluid. Thank you Fiona Goldsmith for teaching this beautiful practice… I am so looking forward to class on Friday. 🙏Kate Galvin 9/7/2018

You have heard me rave about, you have read my reviews of it! If you want to check out what I’m on about, Fiona is offering free intro classes. Once you Flexxd, you never have to worry about hurting when you look back, bend over, sit, stand, sleep and dance! Get into it! 🙏🏻❤️mark 6/7/ 2018

Thank you for an amazing class this morning. Feeling very calm, balanced with such clarity. What you are teaching and sharing is really special. ♥️Kathryn Galvin 9/7/ 2018

Fiona’s Flexxd class left me feeling taller, more flexible, not nearly as stiff and also energised.. it’s so amazing, you have to try it! Caroline Haddad 2/7/2018

I really enjoyed ur Flexxd class ….amazing how such little movements can channel into undiscovered parts of my body. Today I am sore & cleansed & yes do feel like a truck ran me over in the middle of the night 😂Will let everyone know how beneficial Flexxd is.x A Jones 2/7/2018

….was amazed at how such slow movements with resistance can impact parts of the body I hadn’t felt before. Fiona’s guidance & knowledge of the body was exceptional, describing  which meridians we were channeling with each exercise allowed me to focus on the area & understand the mind body connection. By the end of the class I was feeling relaxed, inspired & ready to start my busy day.Alison  1/7/2018

… I felt like crap physically when I woke up and almost cancelled and now I’m like a different body so thank you xx DT

After only 1 session with a Fiona my body feels entirely different .. lower back pain has eased substantially and I feel so much more alive in my body … which also lifted my mood to light and happy.. Pavitar 2/7/2018

I noticed after my first class….that the tightness in my neck, jaw & shoulders had gone, which I wasn’t sure was ever going away, after seeing many physiotherapists and other health professionals and nothing was budging it. But…this work did! Thank you, Fiona for your dedication to help & heal people. � Michelle

I’ve absolutely loved my sessions with Fiona. Amazing how much of a work out it is, and how toned I feel without feeling like I’m doing any work at all…! Highly recommend x Kristen Morrison 27/6/18

I suffer from anxiety ….and found that even after one session I felt more centred…. Susie M 25/06/2018

It’s yoga that stretches both sides at once! It’s stretching and resistance. It’s genius. K Abay 25/06/18

You have no idea how good this is until you try it. Whatever little twinges I had in my body before are now gone and I feel taller and lighter. Marie Budimir 24/ 6/2018

Combining both yoga and resistance stretching, it wasn’t physically demanding, however halfway through and I was sweating. I don’t have lower back pain any more, I feel taller and as I have already mentioned, it gets the mind flowing as well, its that feeling of being total switched on.Mark W 25/ 06/ 2018

Fiona’s commitment to people with mobility issues has been a game changer for me. I’m finally able to improve and renew my strength and flexibility with joints that have suffered long term damage from rheumatoid arthritis. I feel empowered!  Marian Stanley 24/06/2018

I was excited to try her new method called “flexxd.” The stretches use your own body’s resistance to gain even more strength and freedom of movement.  I have always been tight in the hips and was amazed at how much better I felt not only in my hips but everywhere else after only one session!  Lisa Hughes 23/6/2018

As a yoga teacher and perpetual student, I am always interested in what other teachers have to offer.  Fiona’s method of ridding pain through dynamic resistance is unlike any other class I have attended.  Students gain strength and flexibility during a class that is informative and enjoyable.  Bodies feel more relaxed after completing a sequence, and when the body relaxes the mind follows suit; i.e. stress is less.  Highly recommended.  Jennifer Hanning 2/06/18

I’m loving Fiona’s classes. She’s a great teacher, informative and fun. Jill H” 1/7/2018

Amazing Fi!!! I feel so much straighter &  Tim has more flexibility in his lower back… x Caroline

Damn you, Fiona Goldsmith!!Thanks to you I’ve had to spend valuable time creating another hole in my beautiful italian leather belt! I had no idea that apart from getting fitter, stronger, having greater flexibility, and more energy that I’d be losing weight and having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe as a result of working out with you and your silly stretching thingie! Sending much gratitude to you… XoX Rohan

I’m finding different benefits with every session.  Last week reduced stiffness in my neck from a 19 year old whip lash injury, and today’s session has me breathing like I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.  I gave up smoking about 12 years ago . I’m breathing more clearly and my lungs ‘feel’ cleaner 🙂xx  Jenny H

I’ve had some nasty back pain that simply wouldn’t go away for over a year. Within a very short space of time I’ve had terrific improvement! I’m waking up without pain in my back, have lost weight, having fun, standing taller and more flexible than I’ve been in a long time. It feels great having a broader range of movement and balance. RL. 11//6/18

Nike! – Just Do It! I’ve gained movement, lost pain, feel better for it 🙂 I’m a movin’ and a groovin’ thanks to some stretchin’!!! 🙂 Jumpin’, not rollin’ outta bed now!  RL  5/6/2018

I had my first personal one on one  Flexxd Class with Fiona yesterday.I would describe my experience as nothing like you have done before. Every position is specific and addresses the bodys’ organs meridians skin and muscles allowing you to take charge of various imbalances in your body.  I can see great potential in regular practice of the Flexxd method. It fires up tight areas and offers great benefits. 5/6/2018🌸🌟Louisa

You can add to that my 73 year old mother who has woken this morning for the first time in months without a shooting nerve pain in the back of her head after yesterday’s treatment. Incredible!  Melanie 5/6/2018

Fiona I’m living proof! Woohoo. Sitting cross legged for the first time in years not mention my stamina improvement. MS. 4/6/18

So excited my back is working again thanks to you Fiona. Lower back pain is excruciating and tiring. Other body parts moving better than they have in years. Marion 30/5 2018

Bad Back Issues? Go to Fiona! It’s as simple as that. Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Oreo! Tried ’em all. Oreo was the only good one. I’ve been going to Flexxd now for the past 2 months…. finally, I am able to get out of bed without being in pain!I recently began the Flexxd classes with Fiona, which I am loving & find that it  complements the Yoga that I have been doing for a numberThe Resistance exercises are at your own pace & strength & personally gives me a feeling of  invigoration & well-being.. Celina 17/5/2018

Ok not many highlights to my day. However seeing you and doing stretch was one AND I can now walk up the stairs with no pain! Hope your day sparkles tomorrow xxx Marian  17/5/2018

I am constantly astonished by the results I notice throughout my entire body and mind after Fi’s class…. I walk taller, check my posture throughout my day and feel peaceful and mindful…. sounds miraculous and exaggerated but it’s all true! If only I could start every day with a class with Fi 🙏🏼Becca  17/5/2018

I’m loving the Flexxd classes.. it’s building body strength & flexibility & the only equipment you need is yourself! So it can be done wherever you go.. vicky  17/5/2018

I am really enjoying my sessions with Fiona. The method of stretching and strength movements is helping me to release the tension I have been holding in my shoulders and back.Thank you. Sally D 16/5/2018

I am a busy 59-year old working mother – unfit, a bit of a klutz, and recovering from serious injury to both ankles. (Lesson: Over 50s really should avoid ladders!) I am reluctant to do group exercise sessions, just do not feel comfortable with them. Fiona has been coming to my apartment for regular one-hour resistance stretching sessions for the last few months and I can genuinely recommend her help for several reasons:

1. Fiona has an open and warm personality. She is both approachable and engaging…and always positive!

2. I appreciated the open and frank way we discussed my goals and what sort of time I was willing to commit.

3. I have found Fiona to have a very workable balance between focus on outcomes and patient encouragement. She’s not a softie but neither is she one of those “boot camp” instructors.

4. Fiona is a good two-way communicator – she listens, as well as talks. And she tailors her explanations to my personality as well as my (low) level of knowledge.

5. I am gradually getting more in touch with my body. Initially Fiona would ask me how this or that felt, or how I was feeling after a particular exercise, but I couldn’t answer. I could recognise pain or discomfort but not much else. I’m now able to identify other body responses – lightness, specific areas of tightness, and an intense stretching feeling as opposed to real pain – and am able to use this info on a day-to-day basis eg whilst sitting at my desk.

6. Fiona has well over 20 years of experience with stretching, yoga and fitness and is also very passionate about it so she is full of relevant examples and innovative ways of working around limitations.

7. I also appreciate the way she looks at me and my health issues holistically. I’m not just a pair of unstable ankles or a sore back etc. Fiona connects the bits of the body/mind/life jigsaw in a simple and practical way.

I’m still 59, I’m still unfit, and my ankles are still a bit wonky. However I can feel that I am standing taller and breathing deeper and sleeping better, after just a few months. I am also getting down on the floor most days, or sitting at my desk, or kneeling against the bed, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g…and it feels so good! Thank you, Fiona!    Julie M. May 2018

Finally after dealing with the after effects of being a victim of two attempted robberies (one was a attempted armed hold up at a atm) between July and Christmas last year, I’m back to myself. It’s been tough, as at first I thought I was brave and strong enough to deal with the after effects, however I wasn’t. Someone that has pulled me thought it has been Fiona Goldsmith and her amazing Flexx classes. They have in the shortest amount of time, not only strengthened my  body they have also strengthened, balanced and fortified my mind, I can now use a atm without breaking into a sweat, I’m laughing again and not hibernating. The dark clouds have lifted. This week is also the 5th anniversary of my mother’s body losing her battle with cancer, I finally also feel at peace with losing my mother and best friend. Thank you sooo much Fiona ❤️💕👍🙏🏻👌🖖Mark w 7/5/2018

I am always keen for your class Fiona, and since you have introduced the new flexxd method to us we are all very excited about the program and the results we are experiencing under your expert guidance.  Thank you, Carol g 2/5/2018

I love the new classes that Fiona is taking but I find it difficult to explain why. I have a couple of friends who are going to join a class as I have said how much I enjoy them. In addition I am having some one on one sessions with Fiona to focus on my lungs and immune system. I feel fabulous after my first one on one. Susan H xxxx27/4/2018

Hi Fiona, besides the actual exercises I like your explanation of fascia, meridians and organs. Surprising how much of a workout I feel l’m getting. I realise I can control the level of resistance. Thanks Jennie 26/4/2018

After doing  the last flexxd classes I came out feeling as though I had done a work out and very energized. Manya 26/4/2018

I am enjoying the combination of yoga stretch and flexxd classes with Fiona. As a very tall lady with neck and posture issues, I felt immediate improvement . Obviously one needs to do homework to be of continuing benefit!  Judy ❤️26//2018

After 18 years of RA I’m finally in a position to find my body again and with Fiona’s help it works! My posture is improved and I’m finding my strength and maybe even my flexibility again. Marian Stanley 19/4/2018

Loved yesterday’s sesh…and I’m not sore, I feel great! Did a full day of heavy lifting straight afterwards… no clicking or crunching, and a brilliant deep sleep! Thanks Flea♥️…looking forward to our next flex😜Amanda  17/4/2018

Pretty good thanks, Fiona!  I am tired from insomnia (but no aches and pains whatsoever from the stretching yesterday.  I downloaded the book you were talking about so I can understand it more.  Thanks so much for yesterday.  I definitely need to stretch!!! I😍💖👍🌈🌟Lisa 15/4/2018

I had two sessions with Fiona . i never thought i could get the right side of my body as flexible as the left . However after just a couple of sessions i found a huge difference in the fluidity of movement . I can walk more freely without feeling any restriction. Highly recommend. Thank you Fi. Grt work. Monique Dowling

Feed back and gratitude for Flexxd resistance yoga classes with Fiona Goldsmith WOW I can not thank you enough. My life has been enriched by  her wisdom and knowledge.I personally call her “life saver”. LolI am part of the program at Refocus drugs and alcohol rehab. Every day 3 times a day I use all of Fiona’s Resistance morning bed to eliminate pain. I smile writing to Fiona with a massive massive thank you from the bottom of my solar plexus heart and soul.

Fiona’s teachings/ lessons have not only given me tools to shift the way I think, feel and notice.  Fiona has also made me realise that I. My most darkest and  anxiety ridden moments … I am able to use all of her movements to shift.My life style held do much pain and stress in my body (mainly my shoulders and lower back ) that I physically and mentally felt 100 years old. If I knew then what Fiona has  taught me I would have eliminated so much damage and pain. I am so grateful for crossing paths with this amazing human being.Thank you my life saver.  ❤️ Frida from Refocus.

Dear Fiona, thank you for last night’s yoga session. Having come from one on Monday night where we were told ‘you’re not flowers, you’re warriors, I’m going to make sure you leave one’ – which, was effective on some levels – it was really lovely to feel you tap in to the energy of the room, recognise some tiredness, and take us all on a loving journey to awaken our very cores. The reading was spot on too. I’ve been a perfectionist far too long!! Living the energy for as long as I can, until next time xx
Jana Wilkes.

Re One on one coaching

Fiona has only recently come into my life. She is a truly gifted teacher who is passionate about yoga and committed to her students’ wellbeing. She is caring empathetic helpful intuitive and a very good listener.
She utilises various yoga disciplines and also incorporates her knowledge of pilates and then tailors them according to the student’s ability.
I have two private lessons with her a week and both she and the classes are addictive.
My husband often joins in and he really looks forward to the Saturday class!!
Debra Stiebel Caulfield

Fiona’s classes are amazing ~ she makes sure you are working at your level and is a wonderfully generous teacher ~ come & check it out ~ you are warmly welcomed into a friendly nurturing space – I have participated in the Tuesday stretch class & Thursday beginner and both were fantastic.
Rosemary Terranova- Yoga for the Masses

Fiona has a gift of healing
I was blessed to go from projectile vomiting to peaceful sleep and a warm inner peace in a matter of minutes many times over a number of months xxxx
Jane Whitelock

Re distance healing.

I have NEVER had such a physical response with yoga and meditation, then the healing blew me away – NO words to describe it!!!!
I experienced a huge reduction in pain I have from injuries. I WISH I could see Fiona daily!!
Fiona is highly competent, professional and emotionally intelligent. She uses her intuition to realise when and how someone needs help and support!!
Alex Lowen

Re one one one sessions.

Wow – what can I say Fiona except for thank you! I just loved, and felt privileged to be a part of your very first Heart Radiant Women’s Circle. This was like no other group I had attended and was exactly what I needed to recharge and do something for me.
Fiona you are a natural facilitator and have a way of creating a safe and nurturing space that also empowers the individual. The way you led us all on the journey of unfoldment and connecting back to the heart felt effortless and natural. Nothing was forced. I left feeling centred, connected, empowered and happy – ready to tackle the week in a way that I never expected. I can’t wait for my next group and to reconnect with the beautiful women that I met there. -Fiona’s Women’s circles.
With love,


Fiona set the scene for a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere which opened up magnificent opportunities for relaxation. Fiona’s guided meditations were easy to follow and created space for energy to flow within the mind, body & spirit.    Daniella Hogarth

“Bite size, digestible amounts of do-able information, immediately implementable into all area’s of my life”

Jentah Sorbet

” I love the way in which Fiona makes things that I’d previously perceived as difficult and an effort…so simple. She makes space for experimentation with our own bodies and minds through energy work, meditation and yoga and allows me to feel as though there are no wrong answers which is ‘so liberating’. Her calming presence and light radiance are shared with those who are lucky enough to participate in one of her workshops. Thank you so much!!!! I am feeling more energised and peaceful now..at the same time.    Linda Leaf

Hi my name is Virginia Torres I live in Hemet Ca. USA. if you are on this page or know this incredible woman than this will only validate what you already know. I’m writing this to share with the world how Fiona’s wonderful light has shined on my life. The Universe is a magnificent thing it always send us what we need unknowingly of course unless we pay attention… I’m not sure how I was so fortunate for our paths to cross it’s been a little over two yrs. now & I want to Thank Fiona Who has helped me from across the world. NOW that’s some Amazing Energy. That was the beginning of a Fantastic Connection.
Recently I was in the hospital & I saw a post by Fiona about a healing class & I posted I wish I could be there I really needed it about now. Fiona sent me a private message asking how I was doing. It was long & complicated but she told me she could HELP if I was willing so I accepted her offer. That night Fiona sent me Healing, I was receptive & so we started. The next day I was a lot better I have to say I was surprised at the difference. It’s very complicated my blood oxygen was 87 & it is suppose to be 90 at lowest, My oxygen Sat. 86 to 90 which should 95-100 that next morning my oxygen Sat levels went up to 98 & I was feeling much better. So she raised the Healing Energy.
In the last year between her Yoga, Fiona’s Healing ways & Her Talk show with her Sister Simply Wellbeing. She has helped me change my live.
I told my friend & she was amazed at the change, so she asked if Fiona could help her. Fiona sent her Healing & from the next day my friend has done better everyday & she continues to… Fiona was great & continued to help. I honestly believe if not for her Healing hand, I may not have made it through.
I had made the comment to Fiona about how Amazing she was & she reminded me of something I had lost with all the drugs I was being given, that was my inner strength, higher self or inner healer. However you look at it, it was there I just needed to tap into it. Fiona is right it’s there within all of us but she is great at teach people & reminding us that it is there for us if only we stay focused. I wish I lived locally so to do yoga with her. But I will make my way there next yr. I’ll start a little yoga now so I can absorb all she has to offer. Thanks Again Fiona.

“I love the gentle healing re-empowering you 2 listen/ tune into your body.”    Marguerite Louise

In just 4 hours Fiona has opened up a door of discovery for me and showed me how capable I am of coping with stress. I am learning with with so much enthusiasm and have tools to use. I will be back 100%”  Nicky Birkill

“Fiona is a living example of how yoga and loving what you do slows time and empowers your physical integrity. Her teaching style allows you to become body aware at your own pace. Simply a beautiful experience. ” Michael Jane

” Fiona creates a loving warm environment where everyone is welcome to learn to improve. You will learn relevant tools to feel relaxed and leave feeling more calm to face your day. ” Brad

” A refreshing and delightful approach to healing! ” Gabrielle Cummins

“Fiona was amazing. She shined a light and lit up my heart.” Mirko

Fiona brings a modern day approach to an old fashioned living problem. She influences change and spiritual relaxation in an or dally and memorable manner. not to be missed. ” Harry Marget

Kathryn Galvin Thank you so much Fiona, it was such a wonderful day. My body is so grateful! You have such a gift, thank you for sharing it!    Kathryn Galvin

Testimony for Fiona Edelstein

From day one Fiona made me feel like I had stepped into a new and positive realm in my life. I knew I had come to the right person to guide and teach me the art of relaxation, meditation and the practice of Yoga. Fiona’s approach is personable and engaging, and I believe the benefits are certainly in approaching the journey in one on one sessions especially so in the early stages of the teachings. Fiona’s obvious experience in a varying teaching methods and practices places her in the position of being able to tailor your sessions, and give you the necessary tools that allow you to reach your personal goals leading you to the present and the future of your life’s paths.
Amber Sparkes

Can’t wait to attend this workshop! Here is my testimonial re my work thus far with Fiona, can’t recommend her enough!: “Fiona is an incredibly compassionate and giving soul who has an amazing ability to see right through to the core of you and who is not afraid to call you on your stuff! She is so intuitive when it comes to what you need to do to heal both your body and soul and I can’t wait to do more individual and yoga work with her in the future!”

Hello Fiona, I’m really blessed by the opportunity to work with wonderful You. You’re a healer, friend, teacher, therapist, yoga instructor and coach all in one. I’m left in ore at the depth of your knowledge of life as we know it but also what else there is to experience. I found your strength and guidance in your yoga class all encompassing of the mind body and spirit, yet addressed all members of the class at their own personal level. Your intuitive healing methods quickly identify the core and gently shift the pain to health and wellness. I am grateful for the self-awareness and light heart that follows after our work together. Thank You a million times, Daniella Hogarth, Wellness Consultant and Integrated Healer – Wellness On Wheels

“Fiona is an intuitive and gifted body worker who lovingly shares her knowledge and experience of wellness in the “real -world” of stress, time-pressure and other imperatives, always for the support and betterment of her clients and associates. She is a true friend to many and an inspiration to all.”

Sarah Taylor

Fiona is very professional in her approach and I have enjoyed the yoga lesson tremendously. For someone like me that has never done yoga, she is encouraging and a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and positive.

– Tony

The Peace Workshops-   I have always been very tightly wound and a massive day dreamer, plus for quite a while (5 years or so) a major depression sufferer.I have found in only the first three classes, I am thinking more clearly, I get up and do not lounge on the couch after a tough day (giving more time to enjoy my boys company). I no longer dwell on the past or the concerns that may or may not rise in the future; in short, I can distinguish what matters and how to deal with it. I chill out, I know how to have 15 minutes for myself and refresh. (In addition, the depression has had a massive improvement; medication has been significantly reduced in only 3 weeks)

– Michael F

Fiona’s dynamic Yoga class at Flavours of Yoga is simply fabulous! Fiona makes it an accessible, fun and informative class to all with gentle, precise and knowledgeable guidance. And that’s only the ‘Yoga’. After only one class I found a greater clarity awareness and understanding in my ability to align myself. I had insight into way I held my body, my posture and movement. Fiona is very generous with her expertise and knowledge. The meditation is pure bliss!!!!!

– Kristy

Fiona is an inspired yoga instructor and very in tune with meeting the individual needs of class participants. The stretches are presented in such an approachable manner and there is an immediate benefit and sense of improved wellbeing.

– Jan

I love going to yoga at Flavours of Yoga as the classes are always fun, positive, and you don’t feel bad doing things at your own pace. Fiona is helpful and knowledgeable, and has vast experience in teaching yoga and dealing with any kind of physical restrictions you may have.

– Caryl

I have been doing Fiona’s yoga class for at least 4 years now and always feel so grounded and less tense after my class. Fiona is so informative about yoga and is full of advice regarding health, mind and body. I highly recommend trying a class at Flavours of Yoga.

Caroline Nicolas

Arriving for my first class, (when always a little nervous about what to expect!) I found a wonderful warm, friendly welcome and relaxed, inclusive atmosphere all around. Just perfect.

Mary Ward

Thank you Fiona! You have a natural ability to know exactly what needs working on. It must be your amazing intuition and healing talents. I always feel so relaxed and unstressed when I leave your sessions. I hate missing one! Thanks

Gwen Allen

Over the past two years my once a week class has improved my flexabilty and balance.

John D

I think I’ve been coming for once a week for almost a  year. My results are that I am more flexible, have fewer aches and pains and that I am getting better at handling stress.   


I think I’ve been coming for nearly 2 years and I’m very happy with the results.  I have learnt to notice and observe my posture and breathing and I know what adjustments need to be made to correct them on a day to day basis away from the classes.  I have noticed an increased level of calm and I’ve realised peace and happiness is something that comes from within me and not from anybody else.  I would say it doesn’t take me as long to relax and to focus on being in the moment.              

Michelle Harvey

I had been coming to class for about two years. I found the physical stretching aspects of Fiona style yoga to be relaxing and beneficial for posture and injury prevention. I also learned a lot about meditation from Fiona and it’s helped enormously in helping me focus and calm down and reduce overall anxiety. The benefits of meditation extends to every aspect of my life and I would attribute my increased ability to resolve arguments constructively with my spouse to the focus and calm that was learned through meditation at Fiona’s sleep workshop. I also find that meditation techniques help reduce my anxiety before giving talks in front of an audience in my professional life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Overall going to Flavours of Yoga and learning yoga from Fiona’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.  Unfortunately I’m very time constrained at the moment and can’t make the usual Saturday morning class that I went to once a week for over a year. I have learned enough from Fiona to practice constructively at home on my own – though it’s not the same. Having tried a number of different yoga teachers, I find that I actually quite dislike almost every other teacher I’ve come into contact with. There’s a certain level of comfort, freedom and lack of pretentiousness that makes me feel both welcome and like I’m learning something beneficial from an actual teacher in Fiona’s classes that I haven’t found with any other yoga teacher. I think it helps that she explains so much of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and how it’s supposed to feel rather than just following a script because that’s the way someone said it should be. I also like the setup of the Flavours of Yoga studio and the main class room there has a good vibe for yoga.

Yin Shu

I have been attending Fiona’s classes for a few years now and I absolutely love it…it is my hour of bliss for the week…and we all need it!! I love her flow class & I feel great after moving parts of my body which don’t get moved other times of the week. The 15 minutes relaxation is absolutely blissful. Fiona does a great relaxation session & you really do walk away with a calmer mind & body. And let’s face it; we all need some bliss in our busy lives!

Fiona S

I recently participated in Fiona’s peace workshop and found it incredible. I have done yoga before and wasn’t expecting it to be much different. However I quickly noticed that Fiona’s classes are a lot more then getting good a stretching and poses with some meditation at the end. She offers invaluable advice on all aspects of yoga and gives examples of why and how it can be effective in everyday life. I particularly liked the animal analogies and remembering we are part of the animal kingdom (although we forget a lot of the time due to our Western up-bringing). I would recommend her workshops for anyone who has, or hasn’t practiced yoga before. Simply being aware of our body, posture, and breathing should be part of our everyday life.

Frank P

“I have been enjoying Fiona’s yoga classes for about 8 years and one of the most impressive things is that Fiona is always adapting and changing what she does, according to how she interprets how we are feeling (which is extremely accurate) and from anything new that she has experienced. So I always know that I will never be bored with repetition. If I miss a week my body sorely regrets it. Fiona does not do one type of yoga, she combines a mixture of many disciplines which makes it much more interesting and rewarding. Fiona has enabled me to cope with many personal experiences through her vast knowledge of techniques to assist with stress relief and being calm within oneself.”

Gwen Allen 

To whom it may concern,
I have been regularly attending yoga classes with Fiona Edelstein for a couple of years now. Fiona is a wonderful teacher who is committed to her students and always reliable. She is constantly changing and adapting her practice to meet the needs of her students. 
I look forward to practising yoga with Fiona in the years to come.”

Jaime Newett

Fiona is an inspired yoga instructor and very in tune with meeting the individual needs of class participants. The stretches are presented in such an approachable manner and there is an immediate benefit and sense of improved wellbeing.


Fiona’s approach is truly holistic; she not only offers amazing yoga workshops but also goes out of her way to find uplifting personalised information to help treat the whole person. I am a busy single mum with two older teenage daughters, one at Uni and the other doing her final years at school who is seriously chronically ill. My private yoga sessions with Fiona have been so re-balancing and brought to me a sense of inner peacefulness. She gave me a routine at my own level that I can easily practice at home. Fiona also travelled to our farm and conducted a workshop for my ill daughter to feel the gentle health benefits of Fiona’s yoga. The guided meditation was my daughter’s favourite part of the class.

Jane Whitelock

“Fiona Edelstein has been instructing me in yoga over the past year. I had not tried yoga previously and have found her approach to be very thorough and helpful. Fiona has great knowledge of various yoga practises and has been able to tailor a programme very well to meet my specific needs.
Fiona’s manner and approach makes yoga fun and enjoyable and the health benefits have been fantastic.
I have found Fiona to be very professional and reliable and to have a great knowledge in her field.
I would have no hesitation recommending Fiona to assist any business in improving the well being of their staff.”

Jason Dowd Managing Director Mitch Dowd Designs

I have been coming for 6 months once a week. These classes have given me increased flexibility, no more creaks and groans and body awareness.

Phil  H

Since starting yoga with Fiona six years ago, not only have I become physically stronger, more flexible and increased my general fitness but both body and mind are relaxed and balanced.
Through Fiona’s teachings I have learnt to take a positive outlook on life.
Over the years I had tried other yoga studios before discovering ‘Flavours Of Yoga’.
I have found that working with Fiona is a fulfilling yet challenging experience. I have found my niche and will now never be going anywhere else!
I always leave Fiona’s class with a skip in my step and happy outlook on the day ahead.”

Kate Nicolas

Fiona’s hypnotic voice is guaranteed to melt away any stress and anxiety you carry into the room and truly makes you feel like you are the most special person she’s ever met when you leave. A visit to Flavours of Yoga should be a compulsory daily ritual-the world would be a much kinder place to live in if it were!

Kim Sacco

Fiona’s Flow Yoga class at Flavours of Yoga is simply fabulous! Fiona makes it an accessible, fun and informative class to all with gentle, precise and knowledgeable guidance. And that’s only the ‘Yoga’. After only one class I found a greater clarity awareness and understanding in my ability to align myself. I had insight into way I held my body, my posture and movement. Fiona is very generous with her expertise and knowledge. The meditation is pure bliss!!!!!


I was surprised to feel the so incredibly good from the very first class. Fiona talked about awareness…and that is what I walked away with. An awareness of what I had been doing to make myself so uncomfortable and a sense of relaxation that I don’t remember feeling before. After that things just got better! My golf has improved and is more enjoyable! I do not carrying around stress in my muscles or my mind anymore. I feel a quiet inner calmness and confidence. Fiona is inspirational in her knowledge, teaching, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the wellbeing of her clients. I highly recommend Fiona’s approach to yoga.”

Leurelle Miller

This is the best yoga class in Melbourne. Fiona is a very knowledgeable and conscientious instructor. The classes are as intense or as gentle as you need them at your personal yoga level. The studio is beautiful and in a great location in Armadale!


Fiona’s classes at Flavours of Yoga are simply amazing. Aside from providing a diverse yoga and stretching experience, Fiona helps you find the key to balancing your body, mind and spirit. The relaxation sessions at the end of class are the icing on the cake. My husband also enjoys his weekly sessions and never fails to mention how much better he feels after class. Being more flexible and relaxed in the world is a wonderful thing.


“Before doing yoga with Fiona.I had to chase my foot around in the morning to get my sock on. The stretching exercises have improved my posture and I don’t get back aches at work. I have learnt techniques to release neck and shoulder tension after a stressful day, and breathing techniques have improved my public speaking. I noticed the effects after the first two lessons and things have continued to improve. I still have a long way to go before I am as flexible as the rest of the class however Fiona creates an environment where your ability is not an issue.”

Mathew Henley

I have always been very tightly wound and a massive day dreamer, plus for quite a while (5 years or so) a major depression sufferer…..I have found in only the first three classes, I am thinking more clearly, I get up and do not lounge on the couch after a tough day (giving more time to enjoy my boys company). I no longer dwell on the past or the concerns that may or may not rise in the future; in short, I can distinguish what matters and how to deal with it. I chill out, I know how to have 15 minutes for myself and refresh. (In addition, the depression has had a massive improvement; medication has been significantly reduced in only 3 weeks) MF


I have been going to Fiona’s Yoga classes for years and I’d be lost without her to help me keep balance in my happy but hectic life full of kids and work. The flow class rocks and Fiona’s 15 minute meditation is a holiday for my mind.

Nerinda Mc Mullin

I recently attended the Peace Workshop at Flavours of Yoga. I had never done yoga before, but do meditate regularly, and have been diagnosed with a number of chronic sleep problems. It was great to try so many different forms of meditation and breathing, and I also particularly enjoyed learning the stretches to get my body loosened up after sitting in front of a computer all day. After the third workshop I can honestly say I went home and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in memory, it was wonderful. I now regularly use the stretches, as well as a couple of the breathing and relaxation techniques. – thanks Fiona!

Sam Minich

“I am a PT and strength and conditioning coach. I referred a golf client of mine to do yoga, Leurelle M. I saw her yesterday and I saw a definite change in her posture and movement. I attribute this to the fact that she has commenced with yoga. I have encouraged her to continue indefinitely as the benefits to her have been incredible. 
Thank you, She loves your classes.
Health and Regards”

Selwyn Becker

I have been attending Fiona’s yoga classes for many years. I always look forward to this class. Fiona is so dedicated to her work and only wants what is best for her students…She is always reading and learning so as to bring a new dimension to her classes……. I find that Tuesday morning is a time of letting go of “all life’s trivialities”. Fiona seems to rebalance me and always reminds us of what really matters in life! Great work Fiona. We all love you…


Fiona at Flavours at Yoga provides great classes that provide noticeable help with posture and flexibility. I would recommend her classes to anyone. Also a great location and setup.


Fiona is very professional in her approach and I have enjoyed the yoga lesson tremendously. For someone like me that has never done yoga, she is encouraging and a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and positive.

Fiona’s yoga sessions are so amazingly holistic – she shares purpose in every movement, brings calmness and peace, strength and relief, heart and soul to all her classes. I love how down to earth she is and how her sessions are never just exercise classes, you could be part of a weight class, chiro, physio, doctor, naturopath, tai chi and meditation session all rolled into one! She makes her class fun and relevant to both men and women, which is so great since there seems to be a bias in yoga classes toward women (even though yoga was only allowed to be practiced by men in India, before it became Westernised!) I love the spontaneity of her classes and how well she runs them – she tailors the class to the people in it and what they need from it 🙂 It’s awesome!! Thanks Fiona, you are the definitely one of the few excellent yoga teachers out there!!

Cynthia Tham

The most important thing that yoga has given to my running is the ability to notice and be aware of how I feel when running. A perfect example is this morning when I felt tightness in my right calf near then end of the run. After paying attention to the pain I became aware that the whole leg had become tense – not just the calf. I focussed on relaxing the whole leg and the calf eased, which then re-balanced my running posture. In the past I would have tried to take the weight off it (limping almost), which would have left me imbalanced. I’ve found that through learning how to be aware of my body, I can address problems in mid-run and prevent injury – the pain always goes when I relax and get my posture right!

Duncan Ackerly

I have been doing Fiona’s yoga class for at least 4 years now and always feel so grounded and less tense after my class. Fiona is so informative about yoga and is full of advice regarding health, mind and body. I highly recommend trying a class at Flavours of Yoga.      Sarah

Fiona’s stretch classes are enjoyed in a relaxed and welcoming environment, regardless of age or flexibility, and in them she makes use of a wonderful combination of techniques – including from yoga, qigong and meditation. Fiona has a special skill in being able to teach us how to focus on our bodies in a beneficial way, and she is also able to address an individual’s needs within the whole class environment. Starting classes with Fiona has been the best thing I have done in a long time and I walk home with a relaxed mind and a lightness and energy in a body that feels alive and confident.

Mary Ward

Fiona’s unique classes mixing yoga, stretch and relaxation has become an essential part of my week. Her classes guide you along a path to increased flexibility, balance and posture awareness, providing mental time out in a friendly, welcoming and supportive group environment. Fiona is an observant and skilled teacher providing individual guidance in a class setting.


Thanks Fiona for your enjoyable and relaxing  classes. Rather than having set classes,you adapt sessions to cater for the needs of the group. It is also a comfort that even in a group you are watching and correcting class participants in a friendly and nonjudgemental way. Yoga allows me to escape from the normal stresses of life as well as to stretch and move!


 TEEN YOGA   – Teenage yoga classes with Fiona have allowed me to de-stress and to achieve my goals of improving my posture as well as flexibility. At the beginning of each class, Fiona will always ask whether any members of the class have any injuries or areas that we would like to focus on. This allows the class to feel as if we are being watched over and that we have an input. My friends and I are always excited for our weekly yoga sessions and I am looking forward to continuing in the future.

STRETCH                                              Flavours of Yoga is the perfect place to de-stress.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoy Fiona’s gentle stretch class because it helps us keep limber, relaxed and rejuvenated.  And because we learn to notice how we feel, we can bring awareness to the things we are doing outside of class that make us feel uncomfortable.  Her two minute videos on YouTube are a great ‘top up’ between classes.  Fiona, your experience and wisdom speak volumes and have made you an exceptional teacher.  What we have learned from you over the years has been very valuable to us both.

 Lisa and Trevor Hughes

By attending Fiona’s yoga classes, I have gained more flexability, a stronger and more erect posture and a happier 65 year old body and mind. Fiona is an inspiring teacher and she responds to her students individual needs. I always leave a yoga class with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. My body is relaxed and my mind content. Any stress has lifted. Fiona has helped me to  attain this state of being and  to take this wellbeing into my everyday life. Many thanks Fiona.

Leurelle Miller

Fiona’s environment is unique. Her combination of skills from yoga, stretching, meditation, breathing  and Qigong  are mixed together with her enthusiasm to create an hour of delight.  These combined skills make a session with Fiona a virtual one-stop-shop to tap into some of the east’s ancient forms of healthy living. What is more, she doesn’t just talk the words, she lives it and, of course, breathes it.

Brad  Beitzel

Thank you so much for the life lessons you taught me last night! I wasn’t expecting to learn so much in such a short period of time. You were great at explaining in a way that I understand! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!      

Karen  Eby

Flavours of Yoga is a haven from this crazy world – a place where you can energize and restore your body, mind and spirit. If you’re in the mood for a strong and focussed ‘flow’ class or a deep, expanding ‘stretch’ class, Fiona brings you along at your own pace and you never feel out of your depth. The more regularly I attend, the better I feel and now my husband is an avid fan, too. Thanks, Fiona, you are truly gifted at what you do.

Lisa H

Fiona is nothing short of exceptional. Immediately you feel calmer and incredibly comfortable in her presence. She brings passion to her classes and a smile to your face as she guides you through her unique and very accessible approach to yoga, meditation and living.

Rebecca Law  Nourish

I love going to yoga at Flavours of Yoga as the classes are always fun, positive, and you don’t feel bad doing things at your own pace. Fiona is helpful and knowledgeable, and has vast experience in teaching yoga and dealing with any kind of physical restrictions you may have.


Fiona is of high integrity and runs a wonderful yoga studio specialising in special needs wishing always to give confidence, enhancing mobility and flexibility. Her classes of relaxation are divine and provide provision for deeper sleep and a calmer state of mind. I have personally experience Fiona’s yoga classes and highly recommend her teaching abilities which are quite transformative. Thank you Fiona, you are a gem.

 Rosemary Warmsley Naturopath and raw food coach.

Fiona is an insightful practioner, who works with you to in a fun, interactive and engaging way, maximising learning and growth.  🙂                                                Belinda Bardas Wellbeing lifestyle educator at Happy Healthy and Harmonious

I’d highly recommend Fiona she is an awesome teacher who goes that extra mile for her students. Her passion and depth of knowledge is commendable.            Donna Fowler  Business owner at  Warburton Wellbeing.

 Fiona is a brilliant  Teacher.  Her gentle, sensitive approach is highly motivating for the ‘proper bodies’ she designs her classes for. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes or be a ‘skinny mini’…your well being, confidence in yourself and stretchability will improve no matter what your goals.

Kendra Abay

 PEACE WORKSHOP                                              I had a very peaceful weekend at your Peace Workshop. It was lovely to get off the crazy treadmill (of life) and give myself permission to be still and replenish…in your beautiful studio space. I learned some wonderful tools to relieve everyday stress and to help me sleep. I enjoyed learning some delicious yoga poses and different ways of meditating. You made it easy. Thank you so much.        Jenny Goldsmith

Hi Fiona, I have to say U have some Great ideas & lots of good knowledge I have literally only been getting about 1 1/2 -2 1/2 hrs of sleep a night all the good Amazon Herbs & TriVita Products are working on my recovery but not much success with my Sleep but after reading your post I tried it last night I slept 5 1/2 hrs. Almost a record 4 me thanks so much I wish I was closer I would come do yoga with you not much of that near where I live but I am following you on YouTube & you have helped me a lot Thanks again Love…

Virginia Torres

I have been attending Fiona’s classes once a week for over 5 years…and absolutely love them! I find the feeling of release from tension throughout the body amazing. At the end of each class the sense of calmness in my mind is like no other and I often leave class thinking ‘wow, that really was just what I needed!’ Fiona’s classes have also taught me many poses and stretches which I can practice at home in between weekly classes to remain comfortable and help my niggles 🙂       Fiona Stanley

   After dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for many years I finally thought I had it under control…. until I was 2 thirds of the way into my first pregnancy when it all came flooding back again. I tried a myriad of techniques which weren’t helping, so as a last resort I decided to give Fiona a call. To my surprise the results were remarkable. After 1 private session which included a short  healing I was in a markedly better place. Not only had the debilitating panic attacks subsided, but when they did arise I was able to handle them so they were not as disruptive to my daily life. My Chiropractor even remarked on how my stomach had self corrected its position. (It’s so easy for organs to go astray when you have a little one pushing everything out of place!) I now take regular pre-natal classes with Flavour of Yoga on a Monday night.  Thanks so much Fiona. Thanks for making everyday life easier to handle. Thanks for the beautiful healing that took place on that magical table and for helping me get through one of the most stressful times in my life. I would definitely recommend Flavours of Yoga again . What have you got to lose..?  :  )    Joanne PC

The space is magical. It’s like stepping inside another world of tranquility and presence. I was blessed to receive a delicious day of playing with meditation and gentle movement yesterday during the Peace workshop. I learned about lots ofuseful ideas that will help me create a systematic routine that will allow me to make time to rejuvenate myself appropriately to improve the quality of my sleep and overall wellbeing. Thank you so much Fiona! xoxoxo

Alitta Berson

Fiona is brilliant and I cannot recommend her and flavours of yoga highly enough.

Debbie Elbaum

Fiona’s Peace Workshop was a real turning point in my life. The course not only helped me feel more relaxed, calm and centred, but gave me the tools to live like this on a daily basis. I now also do Yoga with Fiona one to two times a week (would go more if I could!) and I would never go back to life without it!   Thanks Fiona


Thank you for a beautiful two days Fiona. Ia m feeling the best I have in weeks. Your Peace Workshop was an absolute joy! Thank you. xo

Rebecca Law

Yoga with Fiona induces a tall light feeling with the grace of effortless movement. She makes yoga (basic) simple and fun rather than the agonising painful and complex activity that some of us remember. The tone and the content of her voice creates an internal reflexion and relaxation. She encourages you to care for your body and clear your mind of unwanted agitation. Fiona has helped me personally and opened up holistic treatment options for me to share with my patients in general practice. She is an inspiring teacher.”  Dr Andrew  Ramsay  GP Coolaroo clinic

Rudi and I really enjoyed the weekend…We highly recommend Fiona’s Peace Workshops. The workshops are suitable for absolutely anybody, no matter what age or gender or (even) religious denomination because they address all of the aspects of stress and anxiety through integrated and well planned sequences of yoga, meditation and chi gung. Fiona brings all of her experience and profound knowledge of these practices, and more, to the workshops. She teaches practical and simple relaxation techniques that create awareness, and reduce stress in our lives to bring back a sense of self, thus identifying and harnessing our own power from within.

Benefits are felt immediately and resonate for a long time after the workshops. We enjoyed this very special weekend with Fiona immensely! Thank you Fiona,

Annette and Rudi

My sleep after Sunday’s class was amazing! You are re- inspiring my interest in yoga again. In the past I have only met teachers who treat it like exercise with no acknowledgment of its roots. When you talked about how yoga helps prepare the body for sitting in meditation I knew you were different and much wiser! The techniques on the breath and awareness were so pure and taught so beautifully. There are many others like me going through chemotherapy and I agree that this is a very useful way to manage the stress on the body and mind. I can’t wait for the next class!

Christina  G

PEACE WORKSHOP                                                   I am currently attending the Peace Workshop, and after last week’s session I can honestly say that I had the best night’s sleep in my adult life! I’ve been a chronic insomniac since adolescence, and have seen every specialist and tried every trick in the book to manage it. But last week I came home, fell into bed and slept deeply and peacefully until the next morning, when I felt like I could sleep through the whole day too! Thanks Fiona xx  Sam

Fiona’s yoga sessions are so amazingly holistic – she shares purpose in every movement, brings calmness and peace, strength and relief, heart and soul to all her classes. I love how down to earth she is and how her sessions are never just exercise classes…She makes her class fun and relevant to both men and women… I love the spontaneity of her classes and how well she runs them – she tailors the class to the people in it and what they need from it 🙂 It’s awesome!! Thanks Fiona, you are the definitely one of the few excellent yoga teachers out there!!


Having met Fiona online through Facebook I have been astounded by her open personality and like minded thinking, it was however an incredible experience just before Xmas when I was once again crippled by the recurrence of back pain that Fiona came to my rescue, we were discussing her recent detox and cleanse that she was near completion and I mentioned that I needed to do that along with develop a more functional exercise program but with my back issues it made it difficult. I have damage to my vertebrae from L2-L5 basically my lumbar spine which renders me immobile at least 10 times a year. Fiona then offered to do a Distance Healing session which I have had a few times before and was more than happy to try again. As I was at the computer and unable to lie on the floor Fiona just advised that I get comfortable where I was and she would go from there, so I stayed sitting and 10 minutes later felt fuzzy but at ease and at peace in what had been a rather tumultuous week. Now normally I would have spent 4-7 days in pain swallowing codeine ever night and having hot showers morning and night to keep mobile which is no small feat with two young children, but after Fiona’s healing session although I had a background niggle I required no pain relief and could function which was incredible. I would recommend

Fiona to anyone that is interested in trying this treatment she has a wonderful kindred soul and that is what our world needs. Thank you again Fiona, Regards Monique GriffIth

I had a session with Fiona a few weeks ago. It’s difficult to describe what I feel so I’ll try a visual.  If my capacity for happiness could be seen as millions of tiny bubbles inside me, during my  Healing session each and every bubble expanded a little, filling spaces, leaving hardly any room for negativity, in thought or emotion. After my session, it seemed that every aspect of my life changed in subtle ways, especially interaction with others. Now, people seem more receptive which helps make everyday conversations and activities run more smoothly.   Also, many seem more giving, or perhaps I have opened up a little more to allow them to be more giving – I’m not sure. I can’t say I know much about  Healing but I feel that what Fiona did that day is permanent, as if the feeling and effect have been integrated into my being. I recommend this without hesitation.

Jennifer Hill.

I can highly recommend Fiona as a  teacher and  Healer. While working in her studio I attended many of her yoga classes which were always fantastic. My  healing session with her (and I didn’t even believe in it – BIG skeptic) was the most amazing experience and totally changed some preconceived ideas.   I’d recommend the same for anyone else going to see Fiona, don’t read up, expect, or have a specific outcome in mind – just focus on the present moment , relax your mind, be open, and your experience will be personal, unique and unforgettable.

Carol Blomkamp

Fiona Edelstein is more than a yoga teacher she is a true healer blessed with a rare gift she has been given a gift to see inside the body the spirit the energy flow with such precision she has been able to relieve my  pain.  I am a dentist who had been a long suffering back pain. In what appeared to be a short time without so much as a tweak she carried out a ” healing ” process for me, resulting in me getting up with NO pain ,and a feeling of lightness and colour. I  have never had that feeling before. I  was at first skeptical but am now a believer. Fiona you have a gift and you use it well. I  shall be recommending more of my patients to see you.  A big thank you .

Harry Marget

“I have been attending Fiona’s classes for several years now where her keen desire to enhance well-being fuels her inspiration for teaching mind-body flow. Fiona guides students through a myriad of yoga and Tai Chi postures with ease and grace; which she then caps off with a guided meditation to still the mind. 
She has an uncanny wisdom to hone in on each student’s comfort level, adapt the exercises accordingly, and ensure that you leave the class feeling refreshed and energized. Fiona’s classes are suited to people of all ages; and especially so for those seeking the health-enhancing benefits of mind-body flow.”

 Dr Barbara Davis

Thanks to Fiona at Flavours of Yoga I am no longer walking around in a daze, I am awake(end)!


Thanx Fiona for the beautiful distant healing you sent me. I felt lighter and calmer afterwards.

Debbie unlockyourbestlife.com