A better SLEEP story!

A better SLEEP story!

Fiona Goldsmith

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

If stress and lack of preparation are the reasons that you are sleeping poorly, this workshop will set you up for a better future.

After a gentle yoga class tailored to beginners, Fiona will take you through practical techniques to dealing with physical stress, improving sleep, achieving relaxation and igniting your energy. This class is deeply relaxing and fun. Beginning with a easy, release, relax and let go two hour session……Fiona’s soothing voice will take you on a journey to sleeping better. after that session This beautiful experience will leave with tools to support better sleep into the future.
Discover the habits of people who sleep well.

Fiona Goldsmith’s Sleep Workshop was sensational!  She provides practical tips as well as more esoteric information about managing sleeping issues. This is such a critical problem for so many people and I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who’s struggling with getting to sleep or staying asleep.  Fiona has done a huge amount of research to back up her practical experience and this results in a well-planned workshop that will arm you with lots of strategies to get a great night’s sleep every night!  – Pam Kelton

After last week’s session I can honestly say that I had the best night’s sleep in my adult life! I’ve been a chronic insomniac since adolescence, and have seen every specialist and tried every trick in the book to manage it. But last week I came home, fell into bed and slept deeply and peacefully until the next morning, when I felt like I could sleep through the whole day too!  – Sam Munich

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