Discover Inner Peace.

Discover Inner Peace.

With Fiona Goldsmith

“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace” Joan Borysenko

 These workshops are designed for any “Body” – any size, any shape, any fitness level.

 Kids, Individuals, Corporate!!!



You can sleep better. 

Achieve your goals and still be  comfortable and relaxed.

You can look and feel more confident, focused, happy and peaceful.

Achieving calm in daily life (even when you are working or studying) is a real possibility.

Fiona invites you to join her for the Peace Workshops. Together you will embark on a journey, to find balance and inner peace, as you discover practical ways to eliminate stress, improve your overall wellbeing.

The Peace Workshops are designed in six parts. Start with any workshop and work your way through all six and change your relationship with stress forever!

Part 1 : Peace and Sleep

After a gentle yoga class tailored to beginners, Fiona will take you through practical techniques for dealing with physical stress, improving sleep and igniting your energy. This class is deeply relaxing and fun. 

Fiona Goldsmith’s Sleep workshop was sensational!  She provides practical tips as well as more esoteric information about managing sleeping issues. This is such a critical problem for so many people and I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who’s struggling with getting to sleep or staying asleep.  Fiona has done a huge amount of research to back up her practical experience and this results in a well-planned workshop that will arm you with lots of strategies to get a great night’s sleep every night!  – Pam Kelton


After last week’s session I can honestly say that I had the best night’s sleep in my adult life! I’ve been a chronic insomniac since adolescence, and have seen every specialist and tried every trick in the book to manage it. But last week I came home, fell into bed and slept deeply and peacefully until the next morning, when I felt like I could sleep through the whole day too!  – Sam Minich

Part 2 Peace and Stress

After a stretchy accessible Yoga/ Chi Gung class  join Fiona in experiencing techniques to deepen your ability to relax and to recover from stress when you need to …and by choice.

Learn the effects of stress and simple and accessible techniques to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It is unrealistic to think you will not experience stress but it is not healthy or helpful in the long term. It becomes easy to release stress once you realise you actually have a choice. 


 I had a very peaceful weekend at your Peace Workshop. It was lovely to get off the crazy treadmill (of life) and give myself permission to be still and replenish…in your beautiful studio space. I learned some wonderful tools to relieve everyday stress and to help me sleep. I enjoyed learning some delicious yoga poses and different ways of meditating. You made it easy. Thank you so much.        Jenny Gold

Part 3 : Peace and Perfect Posture

The emphasis in this easy accessible workshop will be on feet, lower back, neck and TMJ. You will be encouraged to be aware of what you are doing to make yourself uncomfortable and given easy and accessible techniques to release tension, stand tall and feel great.. This Workshop is always a little different and you are encouraged to repeat the workshop as many times as you need to support awareness and create new habits. Peace is closer than you think. 

We will begin with a gentle yoga class designed to make you aware of how the body moves, safely easily and comfortably. When our bodies are in alignment we possess greater confidence, inner power and a more open heart. Following a gentle and accessible movement class, you will learn to identify what makes your body uncomfortable and how to make corrections you need, to find greater comfort and alignment.

Many of Fiona’s students have experienced an immediate improvement in problems with long term chronic pain that was caused by stress and postural issues.  With continued practice many have gone on to have a total reduction in symptoms. 


“I am a PT and strength and conditioning coach. I referred a golf client of mine to Fiona.   I saw a definite change in her posture and movement. I attribute this to the fact that she has commenced with yoga. I have encouraged her to continue indefinitely as the benefits to her have been incredible. 
Thank you, She loves your classes.

Health and Regards”      Selwyn Becker

Part 4 : Peace and Breath

Beginning with a gentle integrative yoga and Chi Gung class we will learn a number of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that you can take into everyday life. Building on the physical alignment of body and breath. You will uncover simple ways to bring the mind into harmony.


 “Fiona guides students through a myriad of yoga and Tai Chi postures with ease and grace; which she then caps off with a guided meditation to still the mind. 
She has an uncanny wisdom to hone in on each student’s comfort level, adapt the exercises accordingly, and ensure that you leave the class feeling refreshed and energized. Fiona’s classes are suited to people of all ages; and especially so for those seeking the health-enhancing benefits of mind-body relationship.” Dr Barbara Davis

Part 5 : Peace  and Meditation 

After an easy, stretchy, fun yoga class we will explore a sampler of meditation techniques. These techniques are not just for the more visual of you There is always something here for every body. You will walk away with a couple or more practices that sit easily with your life and personality type. .

Fiona’s gift is making things simple and she will guide you through the door to inner Peace.


I recently attended the Peace Workshop at Flavours of Yoga. I had never done yoga before, but do meditate regularly, and have been diagnosed with a number of chronic sleep problems. It was great to try so many different forms of meditation and breathing, and I also particularly enjoyed learning the stretches to get my body loosened up after sitting in front of a computer all day. After the third workshop I can honestly say I went home and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in memory, it was wonderful. I now regularly use the stretches, as well as a couple of the breathing and relaxation techniques. – thanks Fiona!        SM

Fiona is the first teacher who has helped me relax deeply and access the meditative state. I never thought  it would be so easy.   Kate B.

Part 6: Finding a Peaceful Attitude 

We will have a  more dynamic movement class which will prepare us for our  fun and interactive exploration of attitude and how this impacts our relationship with stress.  First we are aware of body and breathe and finally the mind. This is a fun interactive class. 


Whether you are looking for your first yoga experience or to deepen your practice, Fiona’s easy going, warm style is accessible to every individual. 

Talk to me about running these workshops at your place or mine for your family or group at a time that suits you. 

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