Stress to Bliss.

Stress to Bliss.

26th april 2015 1.00pm-4.30pm

The Lyall Hotel and Spa.

Stressed, Sleepless, and badly in need of a holiday but there is no time… Are you looking to nourish your soul with an indulgent sensual day of reconnection and peace?

Come and join us for Soul Sunday at the stunning Lyall Hotel in South Yarra. You will feel like you just had a holiday from your life and the effects will spill over into your real life.

I am offering a 3.5 hour ‘Bliss And Indulgence’ workshop.

After taking half a day from your busy life and you will leave feeling happier, more comfortable and deeply relaxed. You will feel empowered with simple skills that will help you bring a bit more bliss into your life.

You will explore breathing, simple physical exercises that do not require flexibility, and simple massage and meditative practices.

You will feel indulgent and rested and you will…

Relax deeper than you ever thought possible.

  • Feel happier with out having to change yourself.
  • Feel so much more comfortable physically.
  • Your senses will be stirred and satisfied by delicious healthy food and essential oils.

And as a result achieve:

  • Better focus
  • Improved breathing
  • Better posture
  • Improved sleep
  • Skills that you can use to relax deeply
  • Increased productivity in your daily life
    • You will receive a one on one session with Fiona and so much more….
      Join Fiona Edelstein and Daniella for a journey into bliss. Let’s find your sense of humour and begin! 🙂

      You really can get that holiday feeling and keep it going in to the reality of your life.

      About Your Facilitator Fiona Edelstein

      Fiona Edelstein hosts radio show Simply wellbeing on 87.8FM and has been teaching yoga, Chi Gung, meditation, Stress management for over 20 years.

      She has the ability to make things simple and is able to speak and relate to men and women. This experience will be deeply nourishing and with Fiona taking the lead it can’t help but be fun.

      Everything I teach you will be so simple that you will wonder why you didn’t already know it…but you did. You just got so caught up …you forgot.

      Daniella Hogarth Special Guest

      I am also joined by Daniella Hogarth who will offer information and sampling of Paleo food, flavoured with essential oils, on regular breaks through the session.

      Daniella Hogarth is passionate about the therapeutic value of using Essential Oils in her cooking and as natural home medicine. This is simply, healthy, absolute indulgence.

      Your Investment

      The 3.5 hour workshop with small group and individual attention at the beautiful Lyall Hotel in South Yarra.


    • Refreshments and information
    • Daniella will give us breaks and introduce us to light refreshment of Paleo foods cooked with essential oils. Now that is real indulgence.
      • for only $250. Early Bird by 4th april $200.

        Spaces limited to 12

        So what’s stopping you?

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        Testimonials – from my last workshop at the Lyall Hotel.

        Wonderful- Felt much more relaxed by the end. Loved the food especially the fudge. Thank you Gabrielle Goldsmith

        I was stressed before starting the workshop. I am feeling so good and feeling as if I am floating. Great Great. Thank you both Fiona and Daniella. Michele Thevenet

        A wonderful time spent gaining information to adapt and make use of in your everyday life. P.s. The food was delicious.
        Becca Hetrel

        Fiona And Daniella you are amazing!
        Fiona your positive energy calmness and voice got me to do your workshop and I have learnt a lot and certainly will be back with family and friends, to continue to be blissful not stressful.
        Daniella thank you for your delicious and nutritious treats. I will definitely have you come to my home and office to teach me and my family and friend how to cook and eat for our wellbeing and happiness. Alex Lowen

        Hugely informative and wonderful practical take home techniques. Confirmed a lot that I suspected and knew intuitively! Wonderful lesson and very healing. I feel refreshed. Kate Barnett.

        A wonderful, relaxing and worthwhile experience. Fiona and Daniella are warm and friendly and create a happy inviting atmosphere to help take relaxation, stretch and meditation to the next level. Daniella’s food and oils are blissful and inspirational.
        Margitta Armato

        “Bite size, digestible amounts of do-able information, immediately implementable into all area’s of my life”. Jentah Sorbet Speech Pathologist.

        “I love the way in which Fiona makes things that I’d previously perceived as difficult and an effort…so simple. She makes space for experimentation with our own bodies and minds through energy work, meditation and yoga and allows me to feel as though there are no wrong answers which is ‘so liberating’. Her calming presence and light radiance are shared with those who are lucky enough to participate in one of her workshops. Thank you so much!!!! I am feeling more energised and peaceful the same time.” Linda Leaf Psychologist

        “I love the gentle healing re-empowering you 2 listen/ tune into your body.” Marguerite Louise.

        “In just 4 hours Fiona has opened up a door of discovery for me and showed me how capable I am of coping with stress. I am learning with with so much enthusiasm and have tools to use. I will be back 100%” Nicky Birkill.

        “Fiona is a living example of how yoga and loving what you do slows time and empowers your physical integrity. Her teaching style allows you to become body aware at your own pace. Simply a beautiful experience. ” Michael Jane Business Coach.

        “Fiona creates a loving warm environment where everyone is welcome to learn to improve. You will learn relevant tools to feel relaxed and leave feeling more calm to face your day.” Brad

        “A refreshing and delightful approach to healing!” Gabrielle Cummins Art Dealer

        “Fiona was amazing. She shined a light and lit up my heart.” Mirko Pizza Guy.

        “Fiona brings a modern day approach to an old fashioned living problem. She influences change and spiritual relaxation in an or dally and memorable manner. not to be missed.” Dr Harry Marget Dentist.

        Thank you so much Fiona, it was such a wonderful day. My body is so grateful! You have such a gift, thank you for sharing it! Kathryn Galvin.

        I had the most amazing experience today! No one in all my years has ever come close to guiding me into what felt like an intensely powerful state of peace and somewhat ecstasy. I’ve been floating the afternoon away feeling a FULL ON natural high that is beyond any substance or tablet I could take! Thank you Fiona Edelstein you are a powerful force and I’m really excited to develop this part of me with you xxxxxxx Nicci

        Fiona set the scene for a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere, which opened up magnificent opportunities for relaxation. Fiona’s guided meditations were easy to follow and created space for energy to flow within the mind, body & spirit. Daniella Hogarth.

        And in the afternoon a second separate workshop… ‘Find your Inner Healer’ where you can learn to balance and heal your own energy for your family, your partner and your selves from 2.30pm – 5.00pm

        With only 12 places in each workshop this is an amazing offering not to be missed. In box me for more information on this workshop if you are interested.

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