Find Your Inner Healer

Find Your Inner Healer

Fiona Edelstein

May 3RD

The Lyall Hotel and Spa, South Yarra.

We all have habits that sabotage us. We tend to shrink when things don’t feel good. The reason is unimportant.
Awareness is the key to change. Making ourselves small is only a habit. will notice how small you have been living and learn to operate from a higher energetic place. You can learn to expand yourself and come into your power energetically. When we do so, all other levels simply fall into place.
I like to call this living your life on purpose and with purpose.

We will guide you through a day of self love , balance and healing energetically.

Fiona Edelstein: Writer, radio show host, 22 years of teaching and practising as a yoga teacher trained in reconnective healing, also having a decade of experience in Chi Gung and works intuitively with balancing bodies and alignment. Fiona wants to empower people by teaching them to look after themselves on every level. This is the highest and most effective level of personal healing.

Daniella Hogarth : works with Reiki, massage, essential oils, colour and intuition. She does aroma-reiki body work. Her business is wellness on wheels and she brings wellbeing to you as well as running workshops on essential oils, Paleo vegan diet and balancing hormones and healing.

Kate Galvin : works with Reiki and magnified healing , intuition and essential oils and crystals. Kate clears spaces and homes. her business is Happy Homes Cleansing…she cleans your environment on every level.

Together we help you find your power through finding and practicing moving your own energy 🙂

What the day includes:

-Nourishing your soul with and indulgent sensual day of reconnection to your senses and your inner healer.
– empower yourself not to feel small anymore in your world.
– Take a half a day from your busy life and connect to the natural energies of your body.
– Empowering yourself through meditation and energetic practices.
– You will relax deeper than you ever thought possible
– You will experience the gorgeous power of essential oils.
– We will explore breathing, simple massage and meditative practices to increase awareness.
– Practices to clear yourself..
– Balance and expand your energy body.

– You will find your Inner Healer for personal healing or professional healing and/ or you will empower your self to sell up to who you are meant to be in your life.

– 3 hour workshop
– small group (limited to 12 people)

– early bird $200 by April 10th 2015
– $250 thereafter

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For any enquiries inbox Fiona Edelstein, email her at or call on 0425770464

Testimonials from our last workshop at the Lyall Hotel!
Wonderful afternoon with amazing ladies. Feeling centred and loved. Siobhan Miller

Thank you to all those in my healing group. You helped me travel to a space far far away. Joanna Collyvas

An Amazing afternoon. The atmosphere in the room progressively became more relaxed and open. All the ladies left very happy. Debbie

The course opens up your mind to different but sensible ways of helping not only yourself but your family and friends. They are techniques that anyone can do. You feel great and calm after. Anthea Francis

Leaving here floating on another energy level. Very enjoyable and energising gathering to share healing concepts.
Tamsin Jowett.

Enjoyed the workshop immensely. Feel very relaxed and energised at the same time. Would love to do more workshops.
Celina Peleg

Kate is magical. After the healing I felt loved, nurtured and so thankful. The energy in the room is delicious. Thank you.
Becca Hetrel

Your inner healer workshop was absolutely beautiful. The energy in the room was amazing. We experienced a number of different healing modalities and I left feeling nourished and relaxed. Silke La Fay

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